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April 26 sentencing for man who used false documents to bail murder accused

Friday, February 09, 2018

A man who last year posted bail for a murder accused with fictitious documents is to be sentenced on April 26.

James Bailey, who was operating under the name Kenneth Walker when he bailed Devon Harriott, who is on the run for the alleged gun murder of Craig Lewis, pleaded guilty to fraud charges yesterday.

Lewis was at his home on December 9, 2009 about 6:00 am, ironing, when three men barged in and shot him multiple times. Five days later he managed to give the police a detailed statement, identifying the men who had shot him, before he succumbed to his injuries on December 18, 2009.

When Bailey's matter was called up in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, he pleaded guilty to three counts of uttering forged documents, forgery and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Last September, Bailey was nabbed at the Home Circuit Court after Harriott, who he had bailed for $300,000, failed to turn up for trial.

Harriott, his co-accused Oshane Coley and Michael Jacobs went missing last year after presiding judge Justice Martin Gayle ruled that Lewis' statement be admitted into evidence.

Bailey, who was in the process of bailing another individual when he was caught, told the court that he could not come up with the amount for which he had stood surety for Harriott. He was subsequently remanded.

The Jamaica Observer has since learnt that Bailey uttered a land title, utility bill and driver's licence in the name Kenneth Walker.

Detective Inspector Luhas Daniels told the court that Bailey allegedly stole Walker's identity, forged the documents, and then used them to bail Harriott.

The court was told that after Harriott absconded bail, it was discovered that the documents produced by Bailey had been falsified.

Prior to setting the sentencing date, Parish Judge Chester Crooks requested a social enquiry report and Bailey's criminal records.

— Racquel Porter