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Arresting officer did not record parts of statement

Observer writer

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Key prosecution witness in the multimillion dollar Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud case, Detective Corporal Fabian Parnell, told the court yesterday that he agreed with defence counsel that there were “relevant details” that were omitted from his statement, in respect to the arrest and charge of the main accused, Sanja Elliott.

Elliott, the corporation's former superintendent of road and works, is among eight people before the court on charges related to allegations of a conspiracy to defraud the municipality of more than $400 million.

The witness, an authorised investigative officer of the Financial Investigation Division (FID), was being cross-examined by lead defence counsel Norman Godfrey, who appears for Elliott and two other defendants before the court, Elliott's wife, Tasha Gay Goulbourne Elliott and Elliott's employee, Dwayne Sibblies.

Godfrey put questions to the witness in relation to police operations at a premises in Manchester belonging to Sanja Elliott, in which documents and monies in United States and Jamaican currencies were seized.

Godfrey: Did you fail to write a detailed statement?

Witness: Yes.

Godfrey: Is there any reason why you failed to write a detailed statement?

Witness: No.

Godfrey: Would you agree (that the events you left out) are relevant to these proceeding?

Witness: Yes, sir.

The detective corporal, under further cross-examination from Godfrey, denied that Sanja Elliott had provided any documents to support $1.5 million found at his (Elliott's) home or that the cash in Jamaican currency was the proceeds of a loan. The witness was also asked by Godfrey why he did not record all the responses given by Elliott in his (witness) statement. In response, the witness said: “All his (Elliott's) responses were important (but) there's no particular reason I didn't record them.”

Cross-examination of Detective Corporal Parnell will continue today in the Manchester Parish Court.

The others before the court, being presided over by Parish Judge Ann Marie Grainger, are: former senior staff members of the Manchester Municipal Corporation: David Harris, director of finance, and Kendale Roberts, works overseer; Elliott's parents, Edwardo and Myrtle Elliott, and bank employee, Radcliffe McLean.