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There is no quota for US visitors' visas

Q: On a recent radio programme, I heard that the US Embassy has quotas on visas for tourists, and that once they run out, there are no more visas until they receive an additional allotment. Is this true?


A: We are very glad you asked this question, as it is a c... Read More

Assistance is given to US citizens during a crisis

Q : What kinds of assistance will the embassy provide to US citizens during a crisis such as a hurricane or other event th... Read More

Lying on visa application may permanently disqualify you
Q: I am applying for a visa, and am worried about what to put in my application. Some people have told me that I shouldn't be hone... Read More

Jamaicans not eligible to apply under the Diversity Visa Programme

Q. I received an e-mail recently asking me to make a payment and apply to the embassy under the Diversity Visa Programme. Is t... Read More

Ask The US Embassy: My passport is expiring this year

Tuesday, September, 6 2016   

Q: My passport is expiring this year. Do I need to get a new passport before my visa appointment? Also, what happens to the visa after my passpo... Read More

What happens once I enter the US embassy for a visa?

Tuesday, August, 30 2016   

  Q. I have a visa appointment for next Tuesday at 10:00 am. When should I arrive and what actually happens once I go through the door? ... Read More

RACERS GRAND PRIX: 16-y-o Christopher Taylor does not disappoint

Saturday, June, 11 2016   

KINGSTON Jamaica -- Calabar’s young phenomenon Christopher Taylor had to settle for second behind Great Britain’s Delano Williams in... Read More

Applying for a study visa

Tuesday, March, 15 2016   

Q : I applied to my dream school in the United States and I got in! Now I need to get my visa; how do I apply for one? A: Congratulatio... Read More

Legal protection for farm workers working in the US

Tuesday, February, 9 2016   

Q: I travel on the farm work programme every year and I know that this year I will need to go to the United States Embassy in Kingston to apply fo... Read More

New farm worker rule not only for Jamaicans

Tuesday, February, 2 2016   

Q. Why is the United States changing the rule for Jamaican farm workers travelling to the US this year and requiring them to get a visa? Is Jam... Read More

Renewing a child’s US passport requires parental consent

Tuesday, January, 5 2016   

Q: How do I renew my child’s United States passport? Do both parents need to be present at the interview? A: With the dawn of the new year... Read More

Business travel to the US

Wednesday, November, 11 2015   

Q. I currently have a B-1/B-2 visa that I have used for tourist travel on several occasions. Now I need to travel for a short business trip. Do I... Read More

Getting ready to study in the US

Tuesday, November, 3 2015   

Today's column is the second in a two-part series of frequently asked questions to help you get ready for studying in the United States. QHow e... Read More

How can I work in the US?

Wednesday, September, 23 2015   

Q. I want to work in the United States, but of course I know you can't do that on a regular visitor's visa. My friend did go up last year and wa... Read More

You are better off being clear and honest about your life situation, travel plans

Wednesday, September, 16 2015   

Q. I am concerned because I have a close family member who migrated to the United States and I heard that having relatives in the United States wi... Read More


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