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Provide true and consistent information on US visa application

Q: I am applying for a visa and I am worried about what to put in my application. Some people have told me that I shouldn't be honest on the form I fill out, but I want to be. What should I do?


A: Thank you for asking this very important question! Although the v... Read More

There is no quota for US visitors' visas

Q: On a recent radio programme, I heard that the US Embassy has quotas on visas for tourists, and that once they run out, there are no more... Read More

Assistance is given to US citizens during a crisis

Q : What kinds of assistance will the embassy provide to US citizens during a crisis such as a hurricane or other event th... Read More

Lying on visa application may permanently disqualify you
Q: I am applying for a visa, and am worried about what to put in my application. Some people have told me that I shouldn't be hone... Read More

Jamaicans not eligible to apply under the Diversity Visa Programme

Wednesday, October, 19 2016   

Q. I received an e-mail recently asking me to make a payment and apply to the embassy under the Diversity Visa Programme. Is this a legitimate p... Read More

Ask The US Embassy: My passport is expiring this year

Tuesday, September, 6 2016   

Q: My passport is expiring this year. Do I need to get a new passport before my visa appointment? Also, what happens to the visa after my passpo... Read More

What happens once I enter the US embassy for a visa?

Tuesday, August, 30 2016   

  Q. I have a visa appointment for next Tuesday at 10:00 am. When should I arrive and what actually happens once I go through the door? ... Read More

RACERS GRAND PRIX: 16-y-o Christopher Taylor does not disappoint

Saturday, June, 11 2016   

KINGSTON Jamaica -- Calabar’s young phenomenon Christopher Taylor had to settle for second behind Great Britain’s Delano Williams in... Read More

Applying for a study visa

Tuesday, March, 15 2016   

Q : I applied to my dream school in the United States and I got in! Now I need to get my visa; how do I apply for one? A: Congratulatio... Read More

Legal protection for farm workers working in the US

Tuesday, February, 9 2016   

Q: I travel on the farm work programme every year and I know that this year I will need to go to the United States Embassy in Kingston to apply fo... Read More

New farm worker rule not only for Jamaicans

Tuesday, February, 2 2016   

Q. Why is the United States changing the rule for Jamaican farm workers travelling to the US this year and requiring them to get a visa? Is Jam... Read More

Renewing a child’s US passport requires parental consent

Tuesday, January, 5 2016   

Q: How do I renew my child’s United States passport? Do both parents need to be present at the interview? A: With the dawn of the new year... Read More

Business travel to the US

Wednesday, November, 11 2015   

Q. I currently have a B-1/B-2 visa that I have used for tourist travel on several occasions. Now I need to travel for a short business trip. Do I... Read More

Getting ready to study in the US

Tuesday, November, 3 2015   

Today's column is the second in a two-part series of frequently asked questions to help you get ready for studying in the United States. QHow e... Read More

How can I work in the US?

Wednesday, September, 23 2015   

Q. I want to work in the United States, but of course I know you can't do that on a regular visitor's visa. My friend did go up last year and wa... Read More


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