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Bogle name not enough for Constantine

Staff reporter

Sunday, April 29, 2018

He has said that he is the great grandson of National Hero Paul Bogle, but that means little to the people of Yallahs in St Thomas Western.

That was demonstrated on Friday when People's National Party candidate Bogle was beaten by the Jamaica Labour Party's John Lee in the by-election to fill the vacant seat in the Yallahs Division of the St Thomas Municipal Corporation.

Bogle had also lost to the JLP's Dean Jones in the November 2016 Local Government Election and the seat became vacant after Jones was disqualified following a ruling by the Supreme Court.

When the Jamaica Observer visited the polling stations on Friday there was an ominous indication that Bogle would face his second consecutive defeat.

Some of the voters said that being associated with a national hero was insignificant.

“Based on observation he has been exploiting on historical events which is good but not at this technology time where parents can hardly afford to send their children to school,” Karlene Louza told the Sunday Observer.

“I don't see where young people are benefiting, apart from hearing about the history that he himself is not even sure of. We no see him like how the other will go gate to gate and listen to individuals,” Louza added.

Karlene's mother, Ionie, who pointed out that apart from her constitutional rights to vote, she wanted a change in representation.

“I believe he's from another Bogle because as far as I know Paul Bogle never have no children. Not all Bogles are related,” Ionie said.

Like Ionie and Karlene, Clifton Phillips said representation was lacking during Bogle's tenure as a councillor.

“He is one of my favourite persons because he's from here and he has the Bogle name and all of that. If he had only lived up to the expectations of the people we would have voted for him. Him blunder,” Phillips reasoned.


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