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Cops take gun from man seen sleeping on stone

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

A St James fish vendor, who fell asleep on a stone Monday night, has landed himself in hot water after the police allegedly took a gun from him.

The vendor, Kemar Sawyers, 26, of Nelly Lane in Top Hill, has since been charged with illegal possession of firearm, according to a release from the constabulary's Corporate Communication Unit.

Reports from the Montego Hills police are that about 10:00 pm, a team of police officers on patrol in the Nelly Lane area saw Sawyers sleeping on a stone on the road.

The police say he was accosted and searched and the firearm — a 9mm Beretta pistol — along with a magazine containing ten rounds of ammunition were taken from the jacket he was wearing.

The police say he is to appear before the Western Regional Gun Court in the parish today.