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Dayton Campbell first casualty of Bunting loss to Phillips

Monday, September 09, 2019

Dr Dayton Campbell, the fiery campaign chairman for defeated People's National Party (PNP) leadership challenger, Peter Bunting, became the first casualty of the loss to incumbent Party Leader Dr Peter Phillips on Saturday.

The St Ann North West member of parliament (MP) resigned as opposition spokesman on health, telling the Jamaica Observer yesterday that he resigned as he saw it as the best option following the election results.

“I can confirm that I have resigned. I am still an MP and I continue to be, but I believe that if you lead a campaign against the person who assigns the shadow cabinet, the decent and principled thing to do is to offer your resignation.

“I remain a member of the PNP and will serve in whatever capacity I am asked to,” he said.

Campbell did not speculate on what is to become of Bunting, leader of the Rise United team who lost by 76 votes.

After the announcement of the results on Saturday, Dr Phillips immediately offered an olive branch to Bunting, who marked his 59th birthday that day, and his Rise United team in an obvious attempt to start the healing process after a bruising campaign.

“If the Comrades from the other side can hear me, I am issuing an invitation to all the comrades, including the leadership, including the candidate, come over, let's celebrate as one party,” Phillips said.

— Shanae Stewart