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Immigration levels expected to increase in Canada

Jamaica to Canada

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Dear Mr Brown,

I hear that Canada has been accepting more immigrants recently. Do you think there will come a point where they will stop immigration since they are taking in so many immigrants and refugees?

— BB


Dear BB:

A 2016 census poll in Canada has revealed new trends in how Canadians live. More Canadian adults are living either: alone; with their parents; or without children.

Canadians are older, with fewer children and less affinity for marriage. Couples without children are outpacing couples with a child or children.

Overall, the shift has been from families with children to empty nest couples or younger people deciding not to have children. Same-sex relationships are increasing. There is an increasing trend of multiple generations living under the same roof. There is also an all-time high of adults living alone.

Canada has a population of approximately 35.15 million people. There are more senior citizens than children under the age of 14. The seniors are living longer and are more likely to be widowed. There is also an increasing trend of separation and divorce. Higher rates of the participation of women in the workforce have led to a lower birth rate with greater economic independence.

The percentage of childless couples has grown. Couples with at least one child comprise 51.1 per cent of the population.

One in three Canadians aged 20-34 lives with at least one parent. Economic and pragmatic factors perpetuate this trend, which tends to result in a lower birth rate as well.

The Canadian Government uses this information from the census as the basis for changes to Government policies and programmes, as the social and economic ramifications would be significant.

In response to your question, based on these trends, it is inevitable that immigration levels will increase for the foreseeable future.



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