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Island Ice put on ice

Friday, November 10, 2017

THE operators of Island Ice Beverage Company say they are working swiftly to correct shortcomings in its supply storage system, which led to the Kingston and St Andrew Public Health Department issuing a closure order on its Spanish Town Road operations.

The shutdown occurred on Wednesday night, and the company told the Jamaica Observer that the issue should be resolved within 24 hours as of yesterday.

The health department cited Island Ice, one of the island's leading commercial ice and beverage provider which also exports to the Caribbean region, for non-compliance under the Public Health (Food Handling) regulations.

“The inspection conducted by the health department identified deficiencies in documentation, the displaying of certificates, incorrect diversion of wastewater and storage. The relevant certificates are being put in place, a process to improve documentation is under way, the diversion of wastewater is being dealt with, and the entire system, including storage, has been checked and corrected. Laboratory evaluations are now being conducted and the company is awaiting a provisional order to resume normality,” the company said yesterday.

Island Ice was formed in 2008 from a merger of Happy Ice Limited and the Kingston Ice Making Company Limited (Kingston Ice), which was the major producer of block ice in the island at the time.