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Video: J'cans give mixed views on possibility of dangerous dogs ban

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

AUDLEY Shaw's disclosure that the Government is not ruling out the possibility of banning the importation of “dangerous dogs” has ignited national debate.

Shaw, the minister with portfolio responsibility for agriculture, told the Jamaica Observer on Monday that he ordered a review of the century-old Dog Liability and Cruelty to Animals acts to be fast-tracked after the Observer reported that 66-year-old Whittington Cole became the latest victim of a dog attack which resulted in his death.

Cole was taking an early morning walk in his Hampton Green community on July 21 when he was attacked by dogs believed to be pit bulls and rottweilers.

Shaw, who extended condolences to Cole's family, said that the senior citizen's death must not go in vain. He also said that the breeding and ownership of dangerous dogs must be better managed and regulated.

Yesterday, the Observer's Kimone Francis spoke to people in the Corporate Area, several of whom strongly opposed the idea of banning the dogs they have described as protective animals.

Here is what they had to say:

Julian Graham, 43: I think they should ban pit bulls, but I don't know about rottweilers. Pit bulls are so terrible, based on what I learn about them. Mi learn seh dem bite up dem owners.

Otano Dennis, 22: I don't think the Government should ban pit bulls or rottweilers, because this is Jamaica and there are a lot of thieves and people trying to break into your house. I have a pit bull at home and she stays alert all the. She make mi know when anybody a try fi do anything so me nuh think the Government should ban them — that's stupid. They are dangerous, but as long as you give them the right training they are okay. The owners just have to train the dogs and not do bad things to them to get them aggravated to always attack people.

Lorna Green: I don't agree with it because you have your dog in your home [and] it protects it. It protects your children. All you have to do is put them in a kennel. In the night now when you know everybody inside you let them out to protect your home because thief break into people home, so when you have those dogs they are not going to take the chance. Even when they have their guns they're not going to take the chance. They are vicious animals and I know them. From yu not used to the animal it's going to attack you. They are supposed to build their perimeter fences at least 20 feet from the ground to keep them in, but I don't agree with the Government banning them.