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Jodian Myrie wasn't fixing any road, Councillor Prince insists

Monday, September 28, 2020

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) councillor for the Cassia Park Division in the St Andrew East Central constituency, Beverly Prince, has come to the defence of caretaker Jodian Myrie after she was accused of doing unauthorised roadworks in the division.

Questions were raised by the People's National Party (PNP) last week about the roadworks in the division allegedly being done by Myrie, with PNP Councillor Dennis Gordon telling the Jamaica Observer that the caretaker was “presumptuous” and “overstepping her responsibilities”.

But Prince has sought to shed light on Myrie's presumed roadworks.

“She wasn't fixing any road in the constituency. I am the one who fixed the road and invited Jody to come along,” Prince told the Observer in explaining Myrie's involvement with the Cassia Park roadworks.

Myrie, after the September 3 General Election, posted photographs of the roadworks on her social media pages with the caption 'Outside building back East Central St Andrew'.

Myrie, the daughter of reggae artiste Buju Banton, contested the recent general election, losing to PNP leader Dr Peter Phillips.

Prince, in explaining Myrie's action, drew reference to road repairs on Huntsdene Avenue in the Cassia Park Division where PNP Local Government representative Waynette Strachan also posted photographs on social media of her involvement in roadworks in the community.

“Under what capacity did Strachan fix Huntsdene?” asked Prince, who has won the municipal division on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile, the source of Myrie's funds to do road repairs was questioned with Gordon asserting that she should be investigated by the Integrity Commission.

Gordon, the PNP councillor for the Maxfield Park Division in the constituency, however refused to comment on Strachan's claim about roadworks in St Andrew East Central. “Ask Waynette about that,” he told the Observer on the weekend. Efforts to contact Strachan were unsuccessful.

Prince served three terms as councillor for the Cassia Park Division, between 1998 and 2011. In December 2011 and February 2016, she ran against Dr Phillips for the St Andrew East Central seat, losing both times.

Phillips has indicated that he will be stepping down as leader of the PNP after the party's dismal showing in the 2020 national polls.

—Patrick Foster