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Man charged with attempted car theft to be sentenced Oct 20

Friday, October 06, 2017

A Kingston landscaper who was arrested for attempting to steal a motor car after he was caught inside the car in downtown Kingston was this week remanded for sentencing in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on October 20.

Winston Davidson, 55, of downtown Kingston, pleaded guilty to attempted larceny, but denied that he was trying to steal the car. Instead, he said, he was trying to steal items from the car.

Davidson's guilty plea was entered after he had initially pleaded not guilty.

Attorney Roxanne Brown, who is representing Davidson, first told the court that she was instructed by her client that he was in downtown Kingston on the morning of the incident going about his business when he heard a commotion, saw a man running and started running as well, but was held.

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith did not believe his account and told his lawyer, “While you may appreciate his instructions, he should be cognisant of the fact that the court appreciates honesty and that will be considered at the appropriate time.”

Shortly after the judge's remark Davidson changed his plea.

He was then remanded for sentencing. In the meantime, the judge ordered that he be taken to see the doctor after his lawyer informed the court that he had a terminal illness and needed to get medical attention.

Facts in the case are that on June 29, the complainant parked her car in downtown Kingston and when she returned she found Davidson inside the car.

The complainant said she asked Davidson: “Weh you doing in mi car?” Davidson then got out of the vehicle and ran, but he was chased and held by a man who turned him over to policemen who were patrolling in the area.