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Man cons potential tenants out of $420,000

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A man who conned eight people out of more than $400,000 in a rent scam claimed he got carried away as his intention was really to sublet the premises.

Errol Miller pretended that he was the owner of a two- bedroom house at Bloomsbury Road in Kingston 10, or that he had the owner's permission to rent the premises, and collected sums of $30,000 and $60,000 from eight people, amounting to $420,000, after convincing them that he could rent them the premises.

When Miller appeared in court last Friday, he pleaded guilty and returned $33,000 to three of the complainants, but was refused bail by Parish Judge Maxine Ellis.

Attorney Kemar Robinson, who is representing Miller, told the court that his client was attempting a business venture but went overboard.

“He rented the premises with the intention to sublet it but he got carried way,” Robinson said. “What we intend to do is to make the situation right.”

Robinson then explained that his client had a business venture that had generated some funds and, as a result, had come prepared with $99,000 to make restitution.

The attorney, while pointing out that Miller had been in custody for two months, then told the judge that he is seeking bail for his client so he can get the rest of money to repay the complainants.

“He has a business venture but the person who was in charge while he was in custody has not paid over the money to him,” the lawyer told Judge Ellis.

The prosecutor, however, told the judge that the police were objecting to Miller being offered bail on the grounds that they do not know where he lives, that he has three different names and that there was no guarantee that he would return to court if granted bail.

Judge Ellis then enquired from the investigating officer if he was aware of Miller's business partner and was told, “No”.

The judge then told the investigating officer to get the information about Miller's friend from his lawyer, so that the court can have the friend present in court.

Miller was remanded and a mention date set for October 2.

— Tanesha Mundle