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Manchester police ready to use new e-traffic ticket system

Staff reporter

Sunday, September 13, 2020

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — Police here are now eagerly awaiting the implementation of the Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) new electronic traffic ticketing system, which is to undergo a three-month pilot project to be launched this month.

Traffic police in selected divisions will be equipped with 100 smart android devices and portable printers to enable the electronic issuance of tickets.

The issuance of the devices form part of the Government's efforts to modernise the Traffic Ticket Management System (TTMS).

Head of the Manchester Police, Superintendent Gary Francis said the electronic system will increase efficiency.

“Clearly it is a part of our capacity-building, because as a part of the Government one of the aims is to increase efficiency, economic effectiveness and ethics of course and this is really one step in that direction. It will also create efficiency in the time that one [officer] uses to write a ticket, they can do it quicker and have better accountability, because it is centrally stored in a database,” he said.

He added that the new system “is far easier to use, which is the way organisations are going and the way the country is moving in terms of utilising technology to increase efficiency and create better customer service making policing better.”

His comments were made at a sensitisation and training session for traffic police in Manchester on Friday.

The session was spearheaded by a team from the Ministry of National Security.

Director of Organisational Transformation in the Ministry of National Security, Lt Colonel Trevor McCurdy said the JCF high command is to decide on the police divisions to be included in the pilot project following the completion of sensitisation sessions.

“The aim of all of this is that we want the persons who are using the equipment, in order to own it, this is what I would love to see happen to it and it is there, so it gives them the feeling that the man and the equipment is now in one,” McCurdy told journalists.

The new system will allow police officers to easily access and input driver and vehicle details as well as allow for quick entry of the information to the TTMS database which is available to the traffic court and other government agencies.