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Rain a fall, but money no nuff

Friday, October 06, 2017

Friends, what a piece a rain (24) yesterday! Water (30) nuff like river come dung. Many dry weather cars could not cross it as they broke down (8) in the stream.

But I will not be among those who cuss about the rains, as when the temperatures were like fire (2) last month we begged for rain. One man was overheard saying, “If hell is so hot, I don't want to go there!” But mi a wonder if him just a chat or plan fi mek some move to be rewarded otherwise. Either one is a big (33) move, but everybody have dem own choice fi mek.

When you have money (25) is so different from when you bruk, cause mi would a drive one a dem pretty luxury SUV, but mi just haffi gwaan pree dem, with my hopes high that one day, one day things will be different.

Why women love puss (14) so much? Dem hug them, sleep wid dem, and have dem inna house like pickney. But not in my house!

Anyway, try to stay dry until we link again.