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Rise United says One PNP's poll findings biased, unreliable

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

PETER Bunting's 'Rise United' last evening rejected the Bill Johnson One PNP poll findings as biased and


It is clearly a desperate attempt to confuse the public, Rise United campaign manager Dr Dayton Campbell said in a release.

He cited, as an example of a clearly leading and biased question: “Which of them (Phillips or Bunting) do you think has the most experience to be leader of the PNP?”

Said Campbell: “Of course, one does not need a poll to determine that Dr Phillips' decades in politics and three years as party leader would make him more experienced than Comrade Bunting. However, the issue is that — notwithstanding that experience — Dr Phillips is not seen as an effective leader. This is reflected in all polls over the last few years, including a poll done by the same Bill Johnson in March 2019.”

Campbell said Bill Johnson, in an interview with Nationwide News on March 11, 2019, said:

“The prime minister's favourability is higher than the Opposition leader. Fifty-one per cent rate the prime minister favourably, 23 per cent rate the Opposition leader favourably. In fact, the Opposition leader is under water; 42 per cent rate him unfavourably, compared to 24 per cent rating the prime minister unfavourably. Normally, if you have a strong prime minister or Opposition leader you would have the candidate campaigning with them. It's almost like if I was Damion, I would say Peter why don't you go some place else and I will be here by myself.”

Campbell stated that there is no credible explanation for the supposed turn around in Dr Phillips' poll ratings, given his consistently weak poll results over the last three years.

“Rise United appeals to the One PNP campaign to cease these attempts to confuse the public. Let our campaigns be evidence-based and data-driven, so that the PNP builds trust and credibility with the public,” said Campbell.