Oral sex, orgies at Hedonism II, guest tells travel site

Issa's daughter doesn't stay there

Monday, March 08, 2010    

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Asked about open sex at Hedonism hotel, Zein Nakash, daughter of SuperClubs chairman John Issa, declared that she did not stay at that resort because "It's not my type of vacation".

Issa was answering questions in a follow-up deposition in the ongoing lawsuit filed by her father, in the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida. He is claiming that he was defamed by e-mails traced to computers originating in that US state.

Attorney Reginald Clyne of Clyne and Associates, representing the defendants in the lawsuit, read an excerpt from Conde Nast, which rates travel locations based on surveys of guests.

"In this article - 'Did you witness group sex or orgies at Hedonism 11?', the writer says: 'I've seen them, but I say that most folks haven't. Most people will witness at least oral sex going on, but actual groups are

usually closed-door or occasionally late-night in the nude or hot tub',"

Clyne read.

Clyne: "Do you see that?"

Nakash: "I just saw it."

Clyne read further: 'The last three weeks of January, mid-October and over the 4th of July are when a high percentage of guests are lifestylers, swingers, so you will see more outdoor sex,' and he asked Nakash:

"Would that be true, that you would see more outdoor sex when the swingers come to your club, your hotel?"

Joe DeMaria, Issa's lawyer: "Object to the form."

Nakash: "I don't know. I would assume there might be more people trying. I don't stay at Hedonism. It's not my type of vacation."

Clyne: "Why don't you stay at your father's hotel?"

Nakash: "I stay at my father's hotels."

Clyne: "You don't stay at Hedonism?"

Nakash: "No, because there's no need to. I've stayed at Hedonism 111 when there's been events I was there for, but if I'm doing something in Negril, I tend to stay at Grand Lido."

Clyne: "Do you find this distasteful, personally?"

Nakash: "No."

Clyne: "The nudity?"

Nakash: "No, but I like my room serviced and other amenities you don't find in a Hedonism room."

To be continued




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