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100 and counting for Irene Massop

Monday, January 07, 2019

IRENE Massop is thanking God now, more than ever, that she has joined club 100.

The centenarian celebrated her birthday on Friday but was honoured the following day by family members and friends at Free Hill Presbyterian Church in St Mary.

“I feel all right. I am happy that the Man decided that I should see 100 on July 4. I was born 1919 so that is a hundred, and I give thanks. I am healthy and I can eat anything I want. The only trouble is that I have a little knee pain, that is all,” Massop told the Jamaica Observer North & East by telephone on Saturday.

“I might live longer, but I cannot be sure of the years. I might not get a hundred more but only God can decide that,” she added.

Massop, affectionately called “Miss Birdie”, is the mother of nine children —six boys and three girls.

“One boy and a girl dead but I am happy the rest celebrate with me Saturday. The people in the district celebrate too, and I feel all right about that. I just have to give thanks,” she said.

Here are some highlights from the celebration on Saturday: