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Charles Town Primary student tops SDC public speaking competition

Observer writer

Monday, December 09, 2019

Ariana Bryan of Charles Town Primary School was last Tuesday crowned parish Champion in the Portland Social Development Commission (SDC) Junior Public Speaking Competition.

The competition was held at SDC's office in Port Antonio.

Ariana was awarded second place in the Buff Bay Division of the competition held earlier, which allowed her to again compete for the championship position.

She was also adjudged best speaker and best delivery for which she received sectional prizes.

Shane Miller, Ariana's class teacher, was awarded champion coach.

Principal Carlen Cowan was pleased with the school's fortunes.

“While conducting devotion recently, Ariana declared herself as a public speaker and vowed to make her principal and school community proud of her, and she did just that,” Cowan said.

Miller, in the meantime, said Ariana started out as a very shy student two years ago when she decided to step into the public speaking arena.

He said the young girl joined the debate team and cried out of fear the first time she spoke in front of an audience.

“However, it seemed she had the passion laid on her heart to be an orator as she practised and became better over the years,” Miller recounted.

Finishing second at the Buff Bay Division left Ariana disappointed, Miller shared, as she had proclaimed that she did not just enter the competition to compete but to win.

“Before the final, we worked together to get her prepared for the parish finals. She put in a lot of work with a spark of determination always in her eyes while having fun with each practice. She went and delivered with poise, passion and purpose and came out victorious, and I'm very happy for her,” he said smiling.

Buff Bay Primary and Boundbrook Primary schools were second and third, respectively.

Ten schools participated in the competition.

The schools were: Seaside Primary, Rural Hill Primary and Infant, Boundbrook Primary, Portland High Preparatory, Port Antonio Primary, Hope Bay All-Age, St Margaret's Bay All-Age, Buff Bay Primary, Charles Town Primary, and Buff Bay SDA Academy.