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Norman Dunn lists recording studio among plans for St Mary SE

Monday, September 18, 2017

THE Jamaica Labour Party's (JLP's) Dr Norman Dunn, who ran against late People's National Party Member of Parliament Dr Winston Green in the February 2016 General Election, has furnished a 16-page manifesto outlining his plans for the St Mary South Eastern constituency when the by-election is called in November. Below is a summary of the main points:

1. Investment and skills training

• Development of industrial area near Annotto Bay with factories

•Improve facilities at Castleton Gardens to have water features and fun park for children.

•Complete Richmond community centre and establish multi-purpose building.

•Encourage investors to open factories and information technology facilities to benefit unemployed youth.

2. Rehabilitate roads and bridges in communities to reduce challenges to travelling

3. Develop water source and major catchment facilities throughout the parish.

4. Work within communities to improve housing.

5. Work with local farmers to increase production of cotton, kola nuts, and plantain farming in various areas across the constituency to foster job creation and increase revenue for both men and women as export opportunities will be sought for produce.

6. Sports, arts, culture, heritage and tourism

•Upgrading of Westmoreland oval with perimeter fencing, seating facilities and light for night usage of field.

• Submit a proposal to the Ministry of Health for a private/public partnership which would facilitate a private wing being added to the hospital and surrounding communities of Annotto Bay as a means for generating income.

•Seek funding to establish museum showcasing the culture and history of Annotto Bay, St Mary.

7. Partner with National Health Fund to establish a recreational and exercise area at Bottom Bay Beach with fixtures and activities for the entire family in a safe environment.

8. Seek funding for the building of a recording studio in Annotto Bay to allow opportunities for talented youth in St Mary.