Thursday, March 26, 2020

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MONTEGO BAY, St James — Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Western Confederation/ Charley's JB Rum Super League champions, Faulkland FC will appeal the ban on three of their players and fines totalling $115,000 that were handed out earlier this month following altercations that marred their February 15 return round game against Harmony FC at Jarrett Park.

A release from the confederation said three players — Tyshan Hill, Marvin Sangster and Jelani Nicholson — were “banned from all football activities” and were also fined sums ranging from $15,000 to $25,000.

The club was also fined $50,000. But the St James-based club is questioning the composition of the panel that made up the disciplinary committee, saying it was “improperly constituted”. Dalton Reid, president of Faulkland FC, an attorney- at-law, told the Jamaica Observer West on Monday that while their players deserve reprimands, they thought the punishment did not fit the crime.

“Whilst we agree that the Faulkland players who were involved were wrong, and deserved punishment, we find that the punishment as handed down was harsh and was unjustified, and therefore we will be appealing certain aspect of the punishment,” said Reid. “Secondly, having examined the JFF Western Confederation rules, it is our contention that the disciplinary committee was improperly constituted and of such, the decision cannot stand.”

Long-time football administrator David Watt chaired the March 6 meeting, and the other members of the panel were Ronald McLean of the Trelawny Football Association, as well as Sheridan Samuels and Darren Barnes of the Hanover Football Association.

According to Section 5, Article 87.5 of the Jamaica Football Federation Common Rules of the Judicial Bodies: “A member of each committee shall be a lawyer.”

The Observer West understands that no member who sat on the panel that handed out the sanctions, is an attorney.

The game, which was part of the final set of games in the return round, was held up for about 10 minutes late in the second half as players from both teams had violent clashes, and the anger spilled over after the game was blown off.

Faulkland FC won the game 2-0, but finished with nine players as Hill and Sangster were both sent off, along with Harmony FC's Richard Henry. Hill, a former national Under-17 player, was banned for 36 months and fined $25,000 for his part in the melee under Article 10 of Fifa rules: Anyone who knowingly takes part in committing an infringement, either as instigator or accomplice, is also punishable.

According to a release from the confederation, he will be eligible to return to play on March 6, 2022. Sangster was banned for 24 months and also fined $25,000, also under Article 10, while a third player Jelani Nicholson was suspended for the remainder of the season and fined $15,000 under Article 47 1,2,3: A player who deliberately assaults someone physically or damages his health will be suspended.

Additionally, Faulkland FC were fined $50,000 under Article 67.3: Lack of discipline and order inside or outside the grounds before, during, or after a match, invasion or attempted invasion by spectators, missiles throwing, and other incidents.

Harmony's Henry, meanwhile, will face the committee at a later date.