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75 Hanover students receive scholarships valued at US$80,000 from Tryall Fund

Observer West writer

Thursday, August 17, 2017

TRYALL, Hanover — Some 75 students from Hanover last week received scholarships valued at over US$80,000 under the Tryall Fund Scholarship programme.

The award ceremony was held at the Tryall Club and Villa in the parish.

Chairman of the Scholarship Committee Alice Needle said that the 75 students awarded this year comprise the largest group since 2010.

“We have surpassed all our expectations. This is the largest amount of scholarships that the Tryall Fund has given in one year. So we are very proud of that this year,” said an elated Needle.

The scholarships were presented to outstanding students in need who are presently attending high schools, colleges, universities, and one preparatory school.

Each student has to reapply for assistance annually.

Needle added that the fund would continue to support a student throughout school once they maintain their grades.

Meanwhile, the coveted Louise Cullman Scholarship was presented to Kyle Schloss, a psychology Master's degree student.

Tryall Fund vice-president Nanci Kraus said money for the programme is raised mainly through the annual staging of a gala in November called the “Taste of Tryall”.

“We have a big party at the beach. All the chefs and cooks from the different villas cook and we present all this food at the beach with music and dancing and we have a live auction. And then we receive donations from friends, guests and other groups,” stated Kraus.

The Tryall Fund was started by Louise Cullman over 50 years ago and currently supports the areas of education and health in Hanover.