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Hanover custos bemoans impact of 'alien cultures and values' on society

Observer West writer

Thursday, March 01, 2018

BLENHEIM, Hanover - Custos Rotulorum of Hanover, Dr David Stair, has bemoaned what he called “alien cultures and values” being allowed to infiltrate the society.

Addressing a civic ceremony in Blenheim, Hanover over the weekend to commemorate the 134th birth anniversary of National Hero and founder of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Alexander Bustamante, Dr Stair argued that while all is not perfect, we can be proud of the foundation legacy bequeathed us by our heroes, such as Sir Alexander, over the years as an independent nation.

However, Dr Stair noted that as a nation we must remain vigilant in guarding those legacies, which, he said, are crucial to our national goals.

“In recent times it would appear to me that we have not been as vigilant as we should be as we have allowed alien cultures and values to infiltrate our society,” Dr Stair argued.

“Today, we live in a society which is rampant with indiscipline, awash in vulgarity and coarseness, overrun by alien cultures and values. Men and women have lost direction because they have forgotten the core values taught to them by their parents. Children seem alienated and directionless because of poor parental guidance.”

This is not the legacy of our forefathers and that there is a need for us, as a people, to revisit our heritage, he stressed.

“In large part, we now seem to glorify mediocrity, romanticise brutishness and reward selfishness. This is not the culture of our people. These are not the values that our fore-parents fought for, and in some cases even gave their lives for. These are not the legacy of Sir Alexander and other leaders of past generations. We need to revisit our Jamaican heritage; not allow ourselves to be consumed by foreign cultures,” stated Stair, who added, “we must be proud of our indigenous heritage and be confident in ourselves and not allow the foundation laid by our forefathers to be eroded by the deluge of pollutants flowing into this country from elsewhere.”

The civic function chaired by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Western Regional Manager, Natalie Morris, was also addressed by Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr Horace Chang; National Security Minister Robert Montague; vice-president of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, Alden Brown and Deputy Mayor of Lucea, Andria Dehaney Dinham.