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JCF moving to root out corrupt cops, says head of CSSB

Observer West reporter

Thursday, January 17, 2019


— Head of the Constabulary's Community Safety and Security Branch (CSSB), Assistant Commissioner of Police Steve McGregor says the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is doing more than any other agency to root out its corrupt members.

The senior cop reasoned that it is, in fact, largely because of efforts by the police to weed out and expose the shady members among them that have given rise to the perception of large- scale corruption in the JCF.

“We might have one or two bad eggs, but we are doing more to turn out our bad eggs than anybody else in this country, and that is the reason why you will think we are the worst because of what we are doing. We advertise that we arrested this police; we kick out this police; so it sounds so. The other places they don't advertise so you think they are good, but it is not so. And we have more good police than bad,” ACP McGregor noted, adding that while there is a spirit of esprit de corps among the police, there is not “a squaddie mentality” to cover up.

The ACP was addressing the Stonebrook Vista returning residents' meeting in Trelawny recently.

He called on the returnees to forge meaningful relationships with the police in an effort to stem crime.

“You will say 'Boy you can't tell the police because the police will tell them back'. Nothing nuh guh so. So what we ask of you to do is to get involved because you must have a police officer as a friend. Any smart returned or returning resident who nuh have no police as a friend, yuh nuh so smart; you must have a police officer as a friend,” he emphasised.

ACP McGregor noted that under the leadership of Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson, the men and women of the force are bent on offering professional services.

“We the police ... it is our fervent effort to offer to you a force for good, meaning that you are getting a professional police force, an efficient and effective police force under the leadership of General Anderson and all the commanding officers that we have out there,” he said.

He disclosed that the main thrust for CSSB this year, “generally speaking is our most vulnerable”.

“Our elderly, our female and our young people (because) we are finding that too many of these people are being killed and being abused, so we are singling them out for special attention, and our community safety officers have been charged to do that when they go into the community,” ACP McGregor underscored.

McGregor also moved to allay fear among the returnees in the wake of recent reports of violence perpetrated against some of their colleagues in other sections of the country, pointing out that there is no evidence of any concerted plot to target that group, but noted that “we have a relatively violent society in Jamaica right now”.

“I want to tell you that, from all investigations and research that we have done, there is no organised or any concentrated attacks on our returning residents right now in Jamaica. There is nothing like that happening,” McGregor insisted.