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Sandals, Beaches Negril team members delight at cook-offs

Thursday, August 22, 2019

NEGRIL, Westmoreland — Guests and team members at Sandals and Beaches Negril resorts witnessed a very exciting and competitive event recently, as chefs, cooks and cooking enthusiasts squared off in culinary competitions at both properties.

The cook-offs, which served as a motivational tool, also fostered great team bonding. The competitors were also driven to come up with creative ideas, share best practices, improve on taste and quality, and also learn to work well under the pressure of limited time and the expectations of onlookers.

The competition at Sandals Negril started on July 2 with a total of eight teams challenging each other. The hotly anticipated finals formed part of the hotel's week-long 'Emancipendence' celebrations.

The top prizes went to chef de partie Fabian Farrier, and cooks Kanann Cummings, Salif Raymond and Daniel Pryce.

Both teams walked away with bragging rights for the year, cash prizes, personalised chef jackets, trophies, plaques and Mercer or Victorinox chef knives.

“It feels pretty amazing to be a winner. I was paired with Fabian who has more years of experience and exposure, so I learnt a lot from him. I know now how to work better under pressure, communicate more and not be afraid to try new recipes,” shared Cummings.

The winning meal was a twist on the traditional Jamaican ackee and saltfish using ingredients from a mystery basket.

Beaches Negril's cook-off took a slightly different spin, with departments going head-to-head as they prepared various dishes to include Jamaica's national dish, ackee and saltfish. Resort guests were the acclaimed judges who declared the entertainment department, with team members Jardine Vassell, Yanike Brown, Patrice Essor and Samantha Dillion as the clear winners. They prepared curried shrimp rundown as well as ackee and saltfish. Second place went to the resort's revenue department.

“These cook-offs were very well-received by everyone. It is healthy competition amongst our team members and challenges them to be more creative with their meal offerings. A great bonus is that it is always very entertaining for our guests and team members, and a great avenue to share more about our dynamic Jamaican culture,” shared Sandals Negril's executive chef, Delroy Haye.