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Sandals Foundation volunteers 'spruce up' Kings Primary School

Thursday, January 25, 2018

WHITEHOUSE, Westmoreland —The students of Kings Primary School in Westmoreland will once again have a space they can be proud of thanks to the eager Sandals Foundation volunteers from Sandals South Coast, who recently spent a day painting the entire school.

During the project, which was sponsored by the Sandals Foundation, the exterior of six classrooms, as well as the school's kitchen, library and resource centre all received a fresh coat of paint.

The school also received a donation of additional paint that will add life to the infant department and offices.

At the end of the workday, Principal Marcia Tatham-Miller was on hand to extend heartfelt gratitude to the Sandals Foundation team.

“We are so grateful for the continued generosity and support of the Sandals Foundation through the team at Sandals South Coast,” she said.

“This latest project has really made an impact, especially at this time as we strive to rebrand our school.”

“If we are to create change throughout our region, we have to protect and continuously invest in our greatest tool for change — education,” said Sandals South Coast's public relations manager, Rochelle Forbes, who organised the project.

Forbes noted that Sandals Foundation has had a long-standing focus on improving education in Jamaica and across the Caribbean islands in which Sandals operates. Over 300 schools and 129,000 students in the region have been impacted by educational initiatives supported by the Sandals Foundation since its inception in 2009.