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Sandals Negril promotes health and fitness with new gym

Thursday, March 14, 2019

NEGRIL, Westmoreland —

With a resolution to make health and fitness a way of life, the Sandals Negril team has opened a brand new state-of- the-art fitness centre, just for staff.

The facility represents the resort's efforts to ramp up team member engagement as well as aid in the promotion of health and fitness.

For a while, individuals have adapted a healthier way of life, which includes healthier eating habits and working out. The resort has been promoting health and fitness through its newsletters, WhatsApp support groups.

As news of the new gym broke, a group of individuals who pride themselves as the 'fitness crew' could not contain their elation.

Renee Deleon, regional public relations coordinator and member of the fitness crew, shared that the fitness centre could not have been opened at a better time.

“When I first started my weight loss turned fitness journey, I was quite worried about joining a gym as oftentimes my work schedule is not very flexible, and the gym I wanted to join was not close to work. However, I told myself that for 2019, I will definitely have to find a way to join one and then voilá, a great staff gym opened on resort which eliminated the challenge I had. This is major, not just for me, but for everyone who values health and fitness,” she explained.

Deleon, who is also asthmatic, shared that ever since she made the decision to embark on the journey, she has not only shed weight, but has seen a drastic reduction in what used to be frequent asthma attacks.

“For me, this fitness centre is not even about getting abs or getting the much-sought-after summer body. I want my colleagues to take advantage of this for their health and physical wellness. We need strong bodies in order to work efficiently to provide for ourselves and our families. Not many companies make these types of provisions for staff, and for free,” she argued.

The gym boasts treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise bikes, weights and a host of other helpful workout equipment. It is opened 24 hours each day for team members to access when they are on property, but off-duty.

Hotel Manager O'Brian Heron shared that he is happy that the resort was able to give the team members something that they've always expressed a desire for, as he stressed the importance of health and fitness.

“Our Deputy Chairman Adam Stewart continues to be an inspiration to us. He is a firm believer in focusing on one's physical health. As we brainstormed about our 2019 lifestyle-based programmes for our team, we made a conscious decision to build a fitness facility that would be accessible to all our team members. Our team is extremely excited about this new offering,” Heron said.