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$813 million allocated to upgrade old NHT schemes

WORK is to begin before the end of this month on 16 decades-old National Housing Trust (NHT) schemes across six parishes at a cost of $813 million, Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced in his budget presentation yesterday. More

Wint: Girlz contract impasse 'to be resolved one way or another'

General secretary of Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Dalton Wint says efforts will be made to reach out to Reggae Girlz Head Coach Hue Menzies, as they seek to settle issues surrounding the team's contractual negotiations. More

Important lessons from the Buju Banton concert

First , our congratulations to the organisers of the Buju Banton 'Long Walk to Freedom' concert staged last Saturday night at the National Stadium in St Andrew. From all reports, the event started bang on time and, outside of a few glitches, ran smoothly. More

We must condemn

Dear Editor,The Jamaica Council for Interfaith Fellowship unequivocally condemns the wanton, unprovoked murder of men, women and children in New Zealand last Friday as they were engaged in the act of worship. More

The people must recognise wheat from chaff in budget debate

THE budget debate so far has been of a high quality. Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke set the tone in his presentation. This has been followed by commendable efforts by the Opposition spokesman on finance Mark Golding and Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips. More

Scotia lowers mortgage rate to 6.99%

SCOTIABANK has lowered its mortgage rate to 6.99 per cent effective last Friday, March 15.The interest rate, which is the lowest among local banks and building societies, falls in line with interest rate of 6 per cent now offered at the Government-run National Housing Trust. More

UWI's road march gets nod

DESPITE being held on the same day as Buju Banton's Long Walk to Freedom concert, organisers say UWI (University of the West Indies) Carnival Road March last Saturday was a success.Veteran troupe, Bacchanal Jamaica, which was part of the parade for the first time, gave the outing a thumbs up. More

The hospital list: what to pack

WHEN you approach that critical time in your pregnancy when it's time to pack your hospital bag, you may be confused about what exactly to include, as your doctor may not have briefed you. And if you're delivering privately in Jamaica there are some items you may not need, compared to delivering in a public facility where you'll need a host of items. More

Captain of ill-fated boat fined $400; family happy

THE family of Herbert Dowie, the captain of the fishing boat that capsized off Maiden Cay in December, is relieved that the elderly man walked away with a fine instead of doing prison time. Dowie, who appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday, was fined $400 after pleading guilty to four charges under the 1971 Harbours Act. More

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