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No work but woman given 41 cheques valued at $15 million

MANDEVILLE, Manchester — An associate of former deputy superintendent at the Road and Works Department at the Manchester Municipal Corporation Sanja Elliott testified in court yesterday that she had encashed approximately 41 cheques, amounting to about $15 million from the local government body for work not done. More

The future of the PNP – A look at the party's 7 'sins'

In Part 1, published on June 11, 2019, I discussed that the People's National Party's (PNP) popularity has been in decline since 1997, even though it won the elections held that year. I made this argument to highlight the fact that the party which Peter Phillips inherited in 2017 was already an organisation badly in need of repair and renewal. More

Peter Phillips — The Asafa of politics?

Dear Editor,Dr Peter Phillips's record-breaking performance is akin to that of our beloved “sub-10 King” Asafa Powell. Powell stole the hearts of Jamaicans and gave us hope for a gold medal when he broke the 100m world record twice between 2005 and 2008. But he also broke our hearts every time he did not win gold on the big stage. More

Ignore prisoner rehabilitation at our own peril

Sensible nations understand the dangers of ignoring the need for meaningful prisoner rehabilitation, conscious that the majority of inmates will return to society to unleash whatever skills — good or bad — new experiences, and habits they have developed. More

Boyz, JFF back in the ring

HOUSTON, Texas — Another bout of off-the-field wrangling between the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and its senior men's team earned the ire of Concacaf which could threaten the Reggae Boyz' continued participation at the 2019 Gold Cup tournament after their late arrival for a charter flight from Kingston to Houston on Tuesday. More

Want to make your grilled meats irresistible? Add some smoke.

There is science behind why foods that have a smoky flavour are so delicious. For example, there are numerous ways to cook a steak which include using a cast-iron skillet and a gas grill. The cast-iron pan produces an exceptional crust, and a gas grill can get hot super-fast as well as maintain a steady low temperature for long periods. However, charcoal grilling gives a delicious... More

The west backs Byles as BOJ governor

MONTEGO BAY, St James — Richard Byles' recent appointment as the next governor of the Bank of Jamaica has been met with a strong stamp of approval from members of the business community in western Jamaica. More

Reggae On The River cancelled

For the second time since its inception, Reggae On The River has been cancelled. More

Transformation needs national involvement

Dear Editor,Where is the care and concern for our people in this nation? How can we sit and watch crime destroy families, individuals, and our future? More

Imani denies small business loan scheme is vote-buying

IMANI Duncan-Price has scoffed at claims that a micro-business loan programme she has introduced in central Kingston is an under-hand attempt to “buy” votes in her bid to become the next Peoples' National Party (PNP) representative in the constituency. More




    August 12, 2016
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