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'Junglists' rule!

Humble Lion 0 Arnett Gardens 1 (F Reid 73rd)Arnett Gardens FC advanced to the final of the Red Stripe Premier League after clipping hosts Humble Lion FC 1-0 at the Effortville Community Centre in Clarendon to win the... More

Break the cycle of failure, Prime Minister Holness

Largely because politicians are constantly seeking to score political points, and perhaps also because much of what passes as socio-economic analysis is superficial at best, the centrality of weather in Jamaica's economic fortunes is often ignored.Yet, droughts, floods, tropical storms, hurricanes, et al, have always had... More

Our current knowledge will be a lie in the future

Dear Editor,Knowledge is an easily acquired, unreliable asset. The continuous reliance on whatever portrays an individual as “knowledgeable” can likewise portray the same individual as clueless and outdated.Every knowledge is vulnerable to inferiority when a superior knowledge is diligently dug out of its... More

Remembering Frankie Paul

WHEN Earl “Chinna” Smith recorded a then-unknown teenager named Frankie Paul in 1981, he said he was struck by the singer's extraordinary talent.“He was super-talented. He used to sing and play the keyboard and whereever he would sing, there would be a gathering. People was just fascinated with him,” Smith told the... More

Bill O'Reilly's fall from grace

If on January 1, 2017 someone had told Bill O'Reilly, the purveyor of The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Network , that by April 2017 he would no longer be working with the network, he would have declared such a person a rabid liar, a pinhead, or someone indulging in hate speech. The news... More

Time is money to investors, Jampro exec reminds State agencies

Overall Conrad Robinson believes Jamaica is doing its best to attract investments. But there's just one area that needs improvement.“The length of time it takes to process documents, to give investors an opportunity to set timelines to deliver their investments is still a challenge,” Robinson, regional manager at Jampro, the State... More

Champion's farewell

Some cried openly, while others sobbed quietly behind heavily tinted sunglasses. But they all wept.The heartbreaking scenes and mood were not easy to make sense of, except that all the beautiful people gathered at the Hagley Park Road Seventh-Day Adventist Church yesterday did so for the final farewell party for Jamaican-born... More

Leadership slackness in State and Church

Dear Editor,The recent reports of elected parliamentarians who regularly miss meetings, at times without offering an apology, galls me.In my experience as a pastor, and talking informally with other pastors, this slackness is rampant also in church leadership circles. Add to that the frequent latecoming and you... More

MJW back at Spartan

THE franchise to stage the Miss Jamaica World (MJW) beauty pageant has returned to St Andrew-based Spartan Health Club. This organisation, headed by Mickey Haughton-James, had relinquished the rights to the local contest in 2013, after nearly 40 years.Between 2013 and 2016, the competition was staged by Fusion Consultants Limited, which was... More

Grass seems greener on the other side

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, and that is particularly the case when the adjacent property is owned by Minister Karl Samuda. It emerged last week that the agricultural minister's farm was benefiting from an initiative of the State-owned Jamaica Dairy Development Board (JDDB). The programme was to promote the introduction of... More




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    August 12, 2016
  • 07:30 AM Men's Discus Throw
  • 07:35 AM Women's 100m H Hep
  • 08:05 AM Women's Shot Put
  • Full Schedule
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