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Human rights concerns must always prevail, says priest

A local priest yesterday called for more accountability among members of the security forces and those in positions of authority, while insisting that human rights must always prevail. More

Arnett Gardens edge Cavalier in 7-goal thriller

Defending champions Arnett Gardens showed no ill effects of not training since Wednesday because of a salary dispute as they brushed aside Cavalier Soccer Club 4-3 in a seven-goal thriller at Stadium East yesterday. More

Shaggy, Sting working on album

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Sting is scheduled to perform in Jamaica for the first time at the Shaggy & Friends concert on January 6 at King's House in St Andrew. The 66-year-old British artiste has been affiliated with reggae since the mid-1970s when he formed The Police. More

We will forever be inspired by Lowell Hawthorne

In early 2013 I received a call from Sheryl Dickey, a distinguished South Florida businesswoman who requested my assistance. Among the many boards she represented was the Broward County Library, and she said there would be an upcoming literary feast on March 16 and 17 and that the Jamaican-born and well-documented entrepreneur Lowell Hawthorne was the only minority... More

Raising children properly for the greater good of all

True to their pledge to save lives, staff and managers of Kingston Public Hospital in downtown Kingston are justifiably happy after keeping gunshot victims alive during October. But here is the rub: There were a staggering 104 people entering the hospital seeking treatment for gunshot wounds during October. More

Sugar doesn't poison...

Dear Editor,The attempts to make Jamaicans more health conscious about what we consume in food and drink, as seen in the print and televised media ads, are well intentioned, but seem unbalanced and can be possibly deleterious to one's overall well-being, if not followed carefully. More

When the blind lead the blind: The myth of female empowerment

EMPOWERMENT sessions are a dime a dozen these days, and if you visit any social media platform, you will find self-proclaimed empowerment speakers dishing out advice on how to weather the challenges in any given situation. More

When to introduce him to your kids

GETTING to know someone new after a break-up is a big deal for many women, and when children are in the picture you no longer get to consider yourself alone. And while you may be head over heels in love with your new find, there are some things that you ought to carefully think through, and one of these, according to clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell, is when is the right time to... More

Wendy Beswick - Raising the bar

SHE believes in never settling for less, as by doing so we would fail to uncover our true potential and would miss so many golden opportunities in life. More

Building the new Jamaica

The following is an edited version of a message delivered to St Andrew Scots Kirk United: More




    August 12, 2016
  • 07:30 AM Men's Discus Throw
  • 07:35 AM Women's 100m H Hep
  • 08:05 AM Women's Shot Put
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