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Mitch and Dalla Coin join forces

FORMER ARP member Mitch has teamed up with deejay Dalla Coin for several musical collaborations. Their work has borne fruit with Body of a Goddess and Goose Bumps. Both songs are produced by Emperor Production. More

Dino Langley says It's Ok

OVER the years Manchester has produced several top-shelf entertainers. They include Garnet Silk, Winston McAnuff, General Degree, gospel singer Glacia Robinson, Ce'Cile, Tony Rebel, and rapper Heavy D.Dino Langley is hoping to add his name to that list. More

Online petition calls for state of emergency in three more parishes

AS the Government looks for ways to sustain the momentum from the state of public emergency in St James, which recently received Parliamentary approval for a 60-day extension, there is a growing online petition calling for similar measures across three other parishes. More

Tryall Celebrates Romance

Tryall Club resident chef Salvatore Cusimano oozed charm Wednesday last — Valentine's night — as he served up a delectable five-course dinner at the 1834 Great House Restaurant of the luxurious Tryall Club in Hanover. More

STETHS, Rusea's in sweet repeat at Western Champs

CATHERINE HALL, St James — St Elizabeth Technical High (STETHS) boys and and Rusea's High girls retained their titles as the County of Cornwall Athletics Association (COCAA) Digicel Western Championships ended at the Montego Bay Sports Complex on Saturday evening. More

If top cop post is put to a vote, Mr Reneto Adams would win

In mid-January, a little known organisation calling itself Change.org launched a petition for the job of police commissioner to go to Mr Reneto Adams, the former senior superintendent of police. More

To whom are judges accountable?

Dear Editor,The act of 97 judges' meeting last week Monday at the Supreme Court to discuss Bryan Sykes being appointed acting chief justice as well as the contentious issue of separation of powers, which effectively brought court proceedings across the island to a screeching halt, was unprecedented and it resulted in grave inconvenience to many. More

To abstain: Diplomatic wisdom in the face of reality

Recently, US President Donald Trump, as is his wont, stirred controversy yet again by declaring America's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This move is largely symbolic, but symbols mean a lot to Arabs and the Arab world is livid. A vote was therefore put to UN member states in the form of a resolution urging the US to rescind this... More

Mega Crusade for MoBay

MONTEGO BAY, St James - As the security forces sustain the state of public emergency in St James, the church in Montego Bay is continuing its drive for transformation with an initiative aimed at bringing hope and healing to the city. More

Gov't introduces to IBC Bill accelerate growth

An International Business Companies (IBCs) Bill, which is being debated in the House of Representatives, has raised a glimmer of hope that despite the setbacks there are still encouraging signs for improved economic growth in the short term. More




    August 12, 2016
  • 07:30 AM Men's Discus Throw
  • 07:35 AM Women's 100m H Hep
  • 08:05 AM Women's Shot Put
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