From Harry the Potter to Harry the Posterboy

By Eva-Jean

Friday, March 09, 2012

The British media can drop their description of Prince Harry as Harry the Potter and now dub him Harry the Posterboy, after his wildly successful Jamaica trip. The visit has been quite the shot in the arm for the monarchy. His race with Usain Bolt dominated the headlines across the United Kingdom. Every national daily ran at least a picture of the two in their mock race which made the front pages of newspaper titans including The Times, The Guardian, Express, Star, Telegraph and Daily Mail. Almost every radio and TV news bulletin led with the story of the Prince "beating" the world's fastest man. The Jamaica Tourist Board, and all Jamaica indeed, has had our work done for us by the Prince!

The ego has landed

INDECOM's Terrence Williams seems to be trying to outdo Greg Christie in enthusiasm. We need these two men in our corruption-ridden society. But the egos have to be controlled. Williams' joint press conference with Jamaicans For Justice was inappropriate to say the least. Get a grip, sir!

Royal ginnals

Several Jamaican big wigs who pretended all along they were not royalists or monarchists were seen pushing forward to ensure they did not miss a handshake with Prince Harry at the King's House State dinner. It's their right, but why the pretence? BTW, Queen Portia looked every bit the regal Jamaican queen.

And what of Prince Andrew?

Our own 'Prince Andrew' Holness seems to be holding up well after his election battering. He's about and about and looking nonetheless worse for the thrashing.

Observer coup

Kudos to the Jamaica Observer for grabbing Danville Walker whom we have always felt did not fit snugly into the political mould. Now the competition is really joined.

Question of the Week

Once you go into politics, can you be any good to society after that?

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