PEPPER POT: One hate-mail too many

By Eva-Jean

Friday, June 29, 2012

The hate-mailer is said to be having sleepless nights after hitting the wrong people. While he has a long history of circulating hate-mails, this one was one too many. He is literally waiting for the other show to drop...

A royal shame

Word is that they locked the leaders out of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Headquarters. Pity they were not able to lock the thieves out of the Girl Guides building where the office is located. Word is that the sum stolen is being kept a secret.

Odd political position

Political pundits are perplexed over the position taken by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness on Ronnie Thwaites' disagreement with Cabinet colleagues over the tax on basic food items. Their suggestion is that Holness should embrace Thwaites' stance as being similar to the JLP's, instead of calling for his resignation.

Mistake of the year

She is about to lose the cushy position because of a major faux pas while the expats were visiting. Word is that they were not amused by her temper tantrums and e-mails were flying long before they boarded their flight back home.

London calling

Who is going to London 2012? That's what's causing the fuss. Word is that some names have been penciled in then erased and some are vexed. Some are being told they have to pay their own way as the state cannot foot their bill. Here are my suggestions as to who should go: PM Simpson Miller (obvious); Valerie Neita Headley (sports); Lisa Hanna (youth and culture); Sandrea Falconer (information); Wykeham McNeill (tourism); Anthony Hylton (trade and investment), and Andrew Holness (Opposition). All others pay their own way.

Question of the week

Does collective responsibility means one can't disagree publicly with colleagues?

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