PEPPER POT: The strangest bedfellows

By Eva-Jean

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's not just politics that makes strange bedfellows. The hate-mailer and the fraudulent one are teaming up for a second time. First, they worked together for the failed bank, tossing work from one to the other. Now they are protecting each other against what they perceive as a common enemy. When everything comes out in the wash, it will be quite a bombshell! Stay tuned to this space.

Heartfelt fun

A Canadian war plane in an air show sounds like good fun. Only problem was that the big noise could have caused weak hearts to fail. Next time, give a warning, please.

And speaking of planes...

The hate-mailer also has a history of verbally attacking the successful one, going all the way back to claims of corrupt use of Air Jamaica. He was relatively silent after a New York court found that his vicious claims were entirely without evidence. Now he is back, and worse than ever, clearly having learnt nothing. This time, however, he has gone too far and his lofty claims about himself are about to be exposed as falsification.

Honour to whom honour is due

Isn't it nice to see Sagicor and the Pan Caribbean Group honouring the Hon R Danny Williams by naming their building after him? Every time we are about to give up, along comes something really encouraging. Congrats, Danny.

Three the hard way

First it was Christopher 'Dudus' Coke. Then it was Mark 'Buju Banton' Myrie. Now it's Glendale 'Busy Signal' Gordon. No, it's not about the doubling of their initials (CC, MM and GG). It's the running afoul of Uncle Sam. When will our guys learn that Uncle Sam always gets his man?

Question of the week:

Is the church going on a crusade against the gays?

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