PEPPERPOT: Fraud or greed, which is worse?


Friday, July 06, 2012

Well, the latter leads to the former, so maybe there is no real difference. Pity that neither of the fraud twins could have helped the other to see the light before committing the deed. Latest word is that story is rapidly coming to bump. Remember, this is the space to watch.

Who's fishing?

The Opposition is calling for Lloyd B Smith to step aside after the market scene in the House this week, but they've not said much about JC Hutchinson's affinity for fishing...

Whose playground?

They say that when the cat's away the mice will play. But when the cat's right here on the Rock why are the mice still running around looking like they hope the cat will soon be found?

Watch, wait and see

Word is there was a big change afoot and a save-the-day plan was ready to go. Then along came the letter that went public before the plan, and nothing's worse than a plan that's credited to the wrong man. So for now it seems the status quo is intact, but how long before there's another attack?

Gold too bold

People are relieved that Wykeham McNeill has taken the high road and not got into the brouhaha over the colours of the national flag. Nonetheless, many say it's perhaps time for a reminder that the flag is black, green and gold, and certainly not black green and lemon yellow. But neither is it orange.

Seized for repairs?

Seems there's been no explanation offered as to why the black high-end SUV was not being driven around town as it normally would be, but instead was seen atop a police wrecker, lights flashing, sirens blaring with escorts to the front and back.

Chicken before egg or double taxation?

Question of the week: If a chicken lays an egg, then why tax both the chicken and the egg?

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