PEPPERPOT: The Whistleblower’s satisfaction


Friday, June 22, 2012

THE whistle-blower is finally getting the satisfaction of seeing the fraudulent twins face the music. Word from the grapevine is that there is a lot more whistle-blowing to come and some of it won’t be pretty. The morale is never to pine over other people’s property.

Rule Britannia!

Word is Jamaica got locked out of the prestigious British event because someone couldn't deliver on promised ticket sales. Seems the price tag was out of this chick’s league.

Lesser of two evils

Talk about the recent contact is reaching unmatched levels. They say it’s not so much the value, although that has raised eyebrows, too, but more about the consequences if the contract didn’t go through.

Backdoor before?

Most celebrated or commiserated when the results were officially released. But there were a few who’d begun their song and dance weeks ago, not for child’s ability but based on their own foreseeability of first or even second choice. They say the system works for those who know how to work the system.

On a mission?

Babsy is seething and Lisa is not yielding. So the PM has to start mediating. Or else Jamaica 50th will be the biggest fiasco of them all.

Hate-mailer on the retreat

It just goes to show that ‘duppy know who fi frighten’. The hate-mailer is now regretting his actions and has gone low-profile. But the damage has already been done.

Tacti-call manoeuvres

In a war where one side got caught with their pants down and the other side almost broke the bank, people are saying it’s now down to a game of survival of the quickest and not necessarily the fittest.

Waste of precious time

Question of the week: For the sake of the country, can we put the bickering aside and get on with the 50th Anniversary celebrations before it’s too late?

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