Pepper Pot

By Eva-Jean

Friday, March 02, 2012

Flown the coop

People are curious about the sudden departure of the young, bright and beautiful one from the family business. Many are hoping that there'll be a reconciliation as it would be a shame for such talent to go elsewhere.

Powerful advice

People say there's a person at JPS who's taken Minister Phillip Paulwell at his word and gone in search of a solar solution for his home too!

No feather in this cap

Looks like ruffled feathers and disgruntled staff are the norm at a certain public body. What makes matters worse is that the one who was slated to return to calm the turbulent waters got slighted too. Seems people prefer to ignore the untidy affair than to mess with the feathers of the big bird.

Water or house, which is it?

Many are caught between the tale of two entities. Seems there are those who're hoping to catch a glimpse of tails through the doors. They say whilst they have one eye on the NWC they dare not take the other off the NHT.

Too shy

They say it's more fear than flight why WICB president Julian Hunte can't settle on a meeting with PM Simpson Miller.

Where's the justice?

Word is, things are not so peachy at a certain establishment. They say staff members are up in arms about a chief who's supposed to be confined to a sickbed, but who they've seen night after night partying like tomorrow won't ever come. Seems the only ones not clued in are the bigger bosses.

Paternal pride

We can't help but share the pride of Kiwanian Leighton and Novelette McKnight on the achievement of son Diego, who is certainly flying high as a top fighter pilot in the US Navy.

Slipping and Sliding

Question of the week: Has the dollar started down that slippery slope already?

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