Pepperpot: Overstepped, overreached, overplayed

By Eva-Jean

Friday, May 04, 2012

For a man who's indicated that he's packed his bags to go, people say he's either gunning to stay or trying too hard to go out in a blaze of glory. They say though, he met his Waterloo before and he's met it once more.

Smooth moves

People are watching the big announcements with keen interest. They say there are big moves which will have a great impact, but the bigger game is that of self-motivated succession planning and positioning. Word is, it's to be a four-man race but only three are at the gates so far.

Something's up

Speculation is rife about the pressing matters of national importance for which the former number one so hastily demitted academia. Word is, he too may be called upon to pack his bags to oversee somewhere overseas.

Boom vs doom

The acclaimed pollster, Don Anderson, who's known for calling the right shot, has all but indicated that the economy is set for blast off, back to the good old days of prosperity. Hmmmm!

Why not dry-clean?

Talk is there are more insiders lining up to hang their dirty laundry out to dry. Some say they've already begun.

Social disorder...again?

People say something's radically wrong with a system where high school students attack teachers and those in university become obstreperous when they can't sit exams for subjects for which they've not paid.

Question of the week

How does one spend the time while waiting for trial on fraud charges and when all trust is gone?

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