That’s just not cricket!

By Eva-Jean

Friday, February 24, 2012

The West Indies Cricket Board is way out of line. Jamaica's patience has been stretched beyond the reasonable. Men with small minds concern themselves with people. Men with big minds look to the bigger picture. Chris Gayle's punishment is more important to them that West Indies cricket.

Getting 'boared'

Word is, there's much talk about recent board appointments, but the real chatter's not from those who've been appointed but from those who assumed they would've been but haven't yet been called.

The artful dodgers

They say it wasn't just hardware and software that went missing but so, too, did a lot of artwork. Thing is, people want to know how entire paintings can pass through various security checks unnoticed.

Movers and shakers

Talk around town is that Milton Samuda, the dynamic Jamaica Chamber of Commerce president, has got the nod and is tipped to be the next Jampro chairman. They say that'll be the place to watch for moving and shaking.

Et tu, Mike?

First it was 'Babsy' Grange who doth protest too much, but now people say Mike Henry is howling like he's been sitting in a hog pen and then all of a sudden got struck by a big Rock stone.

Case of the independent wife

Seems a certain hubby can't cope with wifey's independence and it looks as if he can't have his way then neither will anyone else.

Who will call it?

Question of the week: Having only just recovered from the results of the general election, are pollsters ready to predict the outcome of the local government elections?

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