State of Emergency in St Catherine North

ST CATHERINE, Jamaica — Prime Minister Andrew Holness a short while ago announced that a State of Public Emergency has been declared for St Catherine North.This, he said, will last initially for 14 days. Read more

Study: Women more likely to donate kidney to partner than men

 Women are statistically far more likely to donate a kidney to a partner than receive one, according to a study released today to coincide with World Kidney Day and International Women's Day. Read More

Does cycling affect women's gynaecological health?
 New US research has found that female cyclists are more likely to experience problems such as urinary tract infections, genital numbness and saddle sores than non-cyclists, but the activity does not put them at a higher risk of more serious sexual and urinary symptoms.... Read More

Before giving your ex another chance…
 It is so easy to fall in love with the idea that you are in love all over again when your ex reappears, when the reality is that you may simply be lonely.... Read More

Man talk
 What do men talk about when they get together? Do they discuss the same topics that women do when they gather?Quite so, said the men we spoke to.These topics include:Sex... Read More

Early signs you may be pregnant

BY PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

  Read More

What vaccines are safe in pregnancy?

Dr Daryl Daley | Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

VACCINES have been around for decades. These vaccines have made once epidemic diseases such as mumps, measles, rubella and polio an almost distant memory. However, with all the current vaccines available, is it safe to be vaccinated during pregnancy? What makes a vaccine safe? Can it be... Read More

Preeclampsia increases cardiovascular risk factors, new study finds

Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

NEW US research has found that women diagnosed with preeclampsia during pregnancy are significantly more likely to develop high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, factors which could contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Read More

Children born by C-section have a higher risk of childhood obesity finds new study

Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

FINDINGS from a new Canadian study add to the growing body of research that suggests children who are delivered via a Caesarean section are at a greater risk of obesity than those delivered vaginally, possibly due to differences in gut bacteria. Read More

Photo: Little chef

Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

Model: Jayden 'Joshy' Brown Read More

Photo: The loving, playful Luke

Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

Luke Preston Christian Johnson was born January 6, 2015. His parents say he is loving, very playful, and a mature talker.  Read More

Jaxxon, the new world boss

Wednesday, March, 14 2018    

Jaxxon Green, born December 18, 2017, is a bubbly baby boy. Eating habits: His drink of choice is Mommy's whites, given every two to three hours daily. Read More

Sex and endometriosis

Dr Ryan HALSALL | Monday, March, 12 2018    

 ENDOMETRIOSIS, the condition where the tissue that normally lines the womb ends up elsewhere, has been known to cause painful periods. However, there are other equally debilitating effects of this disease, and painful sex is one of them. Read More

Dr Monica Taylor — An advocate for multiple myeloma awareness

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, March, 12 2018    

 DR Monica Taylor is a wife and mother of three adult children, but she is also someone touched by multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells. As such she has taken up the cause this month, Myeloma Action Month. Read More

Mom won't allow dad access to son

Wayne Powell | Monday, March, 12 2018    

 Dear Counsellor, Read More


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