He who pays the bills…

 For some men, the title of 'breadwinner' is a ticket to control and dominate their women. Should a man use the fact that he pays the bills to dictate the every move of his woman?Gary:Absolutely, yes! If I am... Read More

Should she rule the nest when she earns more?
 Many religions are quite explicit about the roles of men and women in families – the man is the head, the breadwinner, and the woman is his support. However, with changing roles and more empowered women, some men are in situations where not only are they...... Read More

Lies men tell to get women weak
 Some men are of the strong conviction that in order to get certain women, certain games have to be played and so they depend heavily on lyrics or lies. A few men were asked to share some of the fibs they've told to get with women.... Read More

Why men avoid educated women
 Education is the key to a better life, but is it the perfect key to a happy love life? I had occasion recently to do a mock survey with a few men, and surprising to me, most of them said they preferred a 'simple' woman over an educated one, for the simple...... Read More

A note from Mrs Macaulay

Friday, April, 28 2017   

Dear Readers,I am sorry that I cannot write a piece again this Monday. You see, my eldest sister Marie died in Vancouver, Canada, and I am here taking part in her funeral rites. I hope you understand that I must concentrate on this loss of a dearly beloved... Read More

Monitoring allergens

BY PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

 ALLERGENS are all around us: the pollen we enjoy watching as they blossom into beautiful flowers; moulds, animal dander, insect venom, dust mites, and even some foods and medicines. And while these may not affect all of us, for many – especially... Read More

Your pregnancy: alcohol consumption

By PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, April, 26 2017   

AS soon as a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she should abstain immediately from any alcohol consumption – even if it's just a glass of wine. These are words of caution from Dr Keisha Buchanan, obstetrician/gynaecologist at ICON Medical Centre in... Read More

Conversations you should avoid if you are just friends

By Miss Kes | Tuesday, April, 25 2017   

 There are certain topics that are inappropriate between friends, especially if one is in a serious relationship. These topics can suggest that you are not really serious about your relationship, and they can be disrespectful to your partner. What are... Read More

Dealing with an obsessive woman

By Miss Kes | Tuesday, April, 25 2017   

 Many men are of the view that once a woman becomes obsessed with a man she is crazy and insecure. But I think that when a woman displays this sort of need, it is actually revealing how she feels about that man -- emotions most times based on love. If a woman... Read More

Married woman wants to leave husband for ex

Wayne Powell, MA, Counselling Psychology | Monday, April, 24 2017   

 Dear Counsellor,I am married with one daughter. My husband is a good provider, but he is controlling, inflexible, not supportive, and has no regard for my needs and ideas. He also has another woman, and after finding out about... Read More

Roxann Linton: Service is her business

By Gerrard 'Gerry' McDaniel | Monday, April, 24 2017   

 I was meeting her for the first time, and I was immediately struck by her aura, which radiated pure authenticity.  Her warm, unaffected manner belied the significant role she plays in the financial sector. Roxann Linton is effortlessly... Read More

Sex secrets from older women

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, April, 24 2017   

 THEY say the older the berry, the sweeter the wine, and when it comes to women, like fine wine, they do get better with age.So it comes as no surprise that some men will go after more mature or older women when choosing a life... Read More

The 'twice my age' stigma

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, April, 24 2017   

 THE 1988 hit single Twice My Age by Shabba Ranks and Crystal still holds true in 2017, as many couples partner up while having wide age disparities. Though many insist that age is just a number, there's still some hesitation when it comes to admitting that one... Read More

Dr Charah Watson Francis' chemistry

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, April, 24 2017   

SHE makes it her point of duty to always be creative and multidimensional within her discipline. Dr Charah Watson Francis, 33, is the chemist behind Kihara Cosmetics, a premium line of all-natural hair, skin and nail beauty solutions.Born and raised in... Read More

Is it really PMS?

By Dr Daryl Daley | Monday, April, 24 2017   

 “I hate being around my lady when her period is about to arrive; she is so moody and miserable. She has bad PMS.” This cry may resonate with many men. In fact, many women may actually believe they suffer from the condition called PMS... Read More




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