Funny, creative men more attractive to women

 In the ruthless world of the mating game, plain-looking men instinctively know that being funny, smart or poetic helps to compensate for a less-than-stellar exterior.That gut feeling has now gained scientific validation from an unusual... Read More

Period-tracking apps can be problematic – study
 New research in the United States has found that smartphone apps used to track the menstrual cycle are not as accurate as they could be, and are disappointing users with their stereotypical designs, lack of flexibility, and outdated assumptions about sexual...... Read More

When kids say the darndest things
 IT'S true: Children do say the darndest things, and oftentimes parents forget their innocence and label them as problematic, sassy or rude.If you're a parent, you can certainly identify moments in which the words your child uttered stunned you...... Read More

Fathers crucial to children's development
SINGLE parenting is the reality of many Jamaican families, and more often than not in these arrangements, the fathers are absent. Clinical psychologist Dr Pearnel Bell argues that more fathers need to assume their role in the family because it supports the development of more...... Read More

Folic acid and your pregnancy

By PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, May, 3 2017   

 FOLIC acid is described as a super mineral for pregnant women. It is a very important agent necessary to reduce the possibility of birth defects, which are most common in the first trimester.“Folic acid, a member... Read More

What to do when you lose an immunisation card

By PENDA HONEYGHAN | Wednesday, May, 3 2017   

 BY law, in order for children to be admitted to schools, proof of immunisation is a requirement, except in extreme medical cases where children are being treated for autoimmune conditions such as cancer or HIV. These cards are also important in a number... Read More

Heart of a lion

Wednesday, May, 3 2017   

Jevon is happy playing with the king of the jungle. Read More

Photos: Picture perfect

Wednesday, May, 3 2017   

Just smileHeart of a lionBelated happy birthday HazardsBelated happy birthday Josiah Read More

Diet for hair, skin and nails

Donovan GRANT | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 Dear Donovan, I have poor nails, brittle hair and often get acne. I was told by a doctor that it could be as a result of my diet. I eat a lot of meat and I drink sweet beverages, with very little water or... Read More

Can I sue for educational expenses?

Margarette Macaulay | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 Dear Mrs Macaulay,My son's father and I have a verbal agreement to fund our child's tertiary education. We both agreed to cover an equal share of all fees and expenses incurred. However, he is not living up to... Read More

When the love of your life is the wrong 'forever' choice

By PENDA HONEYGHAN | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 YOU meet this person and you fall head over heels in love; nobody in your romantic history has ever stirred you like this. And you imagine the wedding day, building a life and a family together, and finally growing old together. Read More

Moms confess: The real stresses and strains of parenthood

By FALON FOLKES | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 FROM a young age many women dream of the day when they will finally have children of their own. Being a parent can bring much joy and pride to someone. In fact, most mothers have told All Woman that it is a wonderful experience. But nothing prepares you... Read More

Lurline Less: Dedicated to fighting diabetes

By KIMBERLEY HIBBERT | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 LURLINE Less is a positive person who believes in accepting life as it is, and who sees the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.Raised in Golden Grove, St Thomas, Less left high school and pursued a diploma course... Read More

Is it really PMS? - Part 2

Dr Daryl Daley | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 LAST week we discussed what PMS is, how it presents, and the severity of the condition ranging from mild to severe. This week we will discuss diagnosis and treatment.How is PMS diagnosed? Read More

The most dishonest women

By FALON FOLKES | Monday, May, 1 2017   

 LIES, no matter how small,have the power to destroy relationships. But we are all guilty of lying to our significant others at some point, whether it's a little white lie or a deliberate scheme to mislead,out of fear, embarrassment or guilt. Read More




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