The well-being of the nation

Why do successive governments in Jamaica miss the mark when it comes to connecting with the day-to-day 'livity' of ordinary Jamaicans? Is it a case of neglect or just downright ignorance about the plight of the ordinary man in the street, including the poor and the... Read More

ZOSO naysayers fear its success
Jamaicans have endured many unsuccessful anti-crime initiatives in the past, which have been largely characterised by the use of brute force and the wonton abuse of human rights. However, initial reports from residents of Mount Salem, St James, where the first zone of...... Read More

What type of leadership do schools need?
It is the start of a new school year and a good time for us to ponder the type of leadership our schools have been receiving and the kind of leadership they need if we are to emerge from the dismal situation in which more than half of our schools have been found to be...... Read More

Here's another thought, Tony Becca
Every weekend while growing up I had to read the Tonys — Tony Becca, Tony Cozier and Tony Deyal. For me, respectively, they are the transition, vocabulary and satire gods among Caribbean columnists. Unashamedly, I am overly biased towards them, since they all...... Read More

ZOSO #1: Clear, hold and build community

Henry J Lewis | Monday, September, 11 2017    

After an unusually long delay and a semi-hyping of the declaration — which should have never happened — by the Minster of Justice Delroy Chuck at a sensitisation session, the long-awaited Law Reform (Zones of Special Operations Special Security) and (Community Development... Read More

'Life is precious, celebrate life'

Wayne Campbell | Monday, September, 11 2017    

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 800,000 people die annually due to suicide. The WHO also reports that in 2015 suicide was the second-leading cause of death among the 15-29-year-old population. Unfortunately, as depression in the society grows, due to a... Read More

Phillips not the hope the PNP wished for

Garfield Higgins | Sunday, September, 10 2017    

Fortitude is the guard and support of the other virtues. — John Locke  Read More

If ZOSO is to succeed…

Canute Thompson, PhD | Sunday, September, 10 2017    

Last week I asserted that the zones of special operations (ZOSO) Act and strategy, as conceived and articulated in terms of the measures of success enunciated by the prime minister, is bound to fail. The prime minister had said that the success of the ZOSOs would be... Read More

The great deception

Al Miller | Sunday, September, 10 2017    

In the Sunday Observer of September 3 there was a story entitled 'Violence spoils summer fun for Rockfort children'. The subhead read, 'Gangsters agree to truce at back-to-school treat'. The story outlined that “gangsters”... Read More

The Chinese are here...

Lance Neita | Sunday, September, 10 2017    

The recent wave of allegations critical of Chinese companies operating in Jamaica have been heavy-handed and, according to the Chinese Embassy, “...could encourage a backlash and create an unsafe environment for Chinese nationals working in... Read More

Statue for Miss Lou's people — Iconic order of importance

Barbara Gloudon | Friday, September, 8 2017    

HELLO, please! When last have you had the opportunity to use the words “icon” and “iconoclast” to show style? You mean, you are not ready to throw words around the place? You mean, you really haven't met an icon yet? How then are you going to join the conversation... Read More

Will ZOSO Mt Salem bring PM Holness to his senses?

Franklin Johnston | Friday, September, 8 2017    

On Friday, September 1, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, chairman of Cabinet, chairman of the National Security Council (NSC), chairman of the Social Intervention Committee (what else?), launched the zones of special operations (ZOSO) programme to curb crime in Mt Salem,... Read More

Kendal crash, milestones and discipline

Michael Burke | Thursday, September, 7 2017    

There are four major milestones that occurred in this first week of September. They are seemingly irrelevant to each other, but there is, in fact a common thread. The need for character training and discipline among our young people stands out, especially in a nation... Read More

Stop begging the banks, Minister Shaw; compel them!

Dorlan H Francis | Thursday, September, 7 2017    

I observed with utter dismay the governor of the Bank of Jamaica, Brian Wynter, and recently Finance Minister Audley Shaw's lamentation that interest rates are too high and their pathetic begging of the banks to do something about it. Free markets now mean kowtowing to industry players who want... Read More

ZOSO could be the death knell for some communities

Henley Morgan | Wednesday, September, 6 2017    

A wise man once said the dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate in dealing with the problems of the stormy present. The recently passed zones of special operations (ZOSO) law signals the desperation gripping the nation and its leaders as the gale force winds of crime and violence beat against... Read More


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