A foreign policy that must speak truth to friend and foe

Sunday, May, 20 2018    

Jamaica's foreign policy appears to be becoming less possible to predict in respect of what stance the country will take on international issues. Read More

Expect high spectacle at the National Stadium tonight

Saturday, May, 19 2018    

It's not for nothing that 18-year-old Mr Christopher Taylor grabbed headlines entering today's 15th staging of the Jamaica International Invitational athletic meet at the National Stadium. Read More

World Council of Churches' cry of agony and despair over Israeli violence

Friday, May, 18 2018    

Christian churches, for the most part, have long held that Jews are the chosen people of God, and they have generally looked the other way when Israel was using deadly weapons to mow down stone-throwing Arab men, women and children. Read More

Hope in CRH oversight committee

Thursday, May, 17 2018    

On the face if it, the naming of an oversight committee for the rehabilitation of Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) is a good decision. Read More

Country needs to see content of Mr Orrette Fisher's resignation letter

Wednesday, May, 16 2018    

The current dispute between the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) and Mr Orrette Fisher, the former director of elections, cannot be good for the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) and, more importantly, the country. Read More

Keeping our fingers crossed for an oil find

Tuesday, May, 15 2018    

Over the next 12 to 18 months Jamaicans will be keeping their fingers crossed that the country's first-ever oil and gas exploration 3-D seismic survey, just ended, will confirm indications of commercial quantities of the commodity on our south... Read More

Avoid the bunker mentality, Mr Holness

Monday, May, 14 2018    

The Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) has chastised the Government for its failure to host post-Cabinet meetings with journalists since November last year. Read More

No need to dispense with EPOC, Dr Clarke

Sunday, May, 13 2018    

Incompetent fiscal planning and ineffective macroeconomic management have been among the largest contributors to Jamaica's extremely poor record of economic growth. Read More

Meticulous planning and investment the way forward for football

Saturday, May, 12 2018    

Just a month before arguably the globe's greatest sporting event, the four-yearly FIFA World Cup Finals, open in Russia, there is understandable nostalgia regarding Jamaica's qualification 20 years ago. And in equal measure regret that all efforts to repeat the feat have... Read More

An interesting suggestion to improve road safety

Friday, May, 11 2018    

Although the Road Safety Unit has reported 11 per cent and seven per cent decreases in fatal crashes and road deaths, respectively, for the year up to May 10, compared with the similar period in 2017, we are still concerned about the serious effects that bad driving practices are having... Read More

Wonderful examples of service from Lasco and its police officer of the year

Thursday, May, 10 2018    

Mr Lascelles Chin is clearly a man who cares about his people, his community and country. Read More

Beware, the hurricane season approaches...

Wednesday, May, 9 2018    

Hopefully the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season will not be as active as an earlier forecast we have seen from Colorado State University's Department of Atmospheric Science Tropical Meteorology Project. Read More

Because the quality of justice is not strained…

Tuesday, May, 8 2018    

The Government's plan to have live streaming of select criminal and civil cases has won support from some attorneys, and with good reason. For, as was argued by those lawyers with whom this newspaper spoke on Sunday, this development will help to bring some amount of transparency to the judicial... Read More

Jamaicans need to stop being nasty

Monday, May, 7 2018    

This newspaper is in complete agreement with Mr Audley Gordon, executive director of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), that “people must take personal responsibility for their space and stop dutty up Jamaica”. Read More

Short-sighted underinvestment in UWI

Sunday, May, 6 2018    

The countries that achieve a significant leap in economic development are those that increase productivity and international competitiveness through technological change driven by innovation. This has been the experience from the Industrial Revolution, to China, to... Read More


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