Flavour-Filled Dumplings Dumplings

Thursday, August, 17 2017    

“ Have you checked out the Dumpling Shack?” was the emphatic appeal of Table Talk Food Awards judge Nevada Powe. “It's worth jumping off the highway to taste their empanada-inspired salt fish dumplings for breakfast,” he... Read More

Hungry for Hungry D's

Thursday, August, 17 2017    

Hungry D's Restaurant in Montego Bay was conceptualised to deliver Jamaican comfort food, cooked with fresh, local produce and providing a better balance than the basic rice and meat eatery. Read More

Von 'Strolley'-ing

Thursday, August, 17 2017    

The 2017 National Farm Queen contestants broke bread with a number of successful women in agriculture during a recent brunch, aptly called Winning Women in Agriculture brunch, and hosted by title sponsors Nutramix. Chef-de-cuisine was Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food... Read More

Herbaceous! The Best Dressed Chicken and Herbs for the Win!

Thursday, August, 17 2017    

Perhaps there is no better match for chicken than herbs, and thanks to The Best Dressed Chicken's go-to chef, Michele Williams, we have four easy dinners that soar with fresh thyme, oregano, basil and rosemary. “Fresh herbs add a whole other level of flavour and verve to your... Read More

Summer Wine Cocktails - try a Frosť or a Poptail

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, August, 17 2017    

River trips, beach moves and pool parties are a few of the hallmarks of summertime. For those fortunate enough to call Jamaica and other Caribbean islands home, it's year-round island life fun. Whenever lists are made and distributed, the wine-related drinks usually fall to me. As the... Read More

Demonstrative Moves at the COURTYARD Marriott

Thursday, August, 10 2017    

Perhaps in a bid to encourage more flair in domestic kitchens, but definitely to demonstrate the culinary prowess of the COURTYARD Marriott; Executive Chef Coatiest Gabbidon invited Thursday Food and an intimate circle of foodies to a cooking demo and three-course dinner christened 'At... Read More

Sides Of 'Jamaican-ness'

Thursday, August, 10 2017    

The Boardwalk Village occupies prime space on Negril's beautiful seven mile stretch of white sand beaches, but the charm of this spot is really its taste of Jamaican rural life complete with fruit trees, 'rivers', banana suckers and thatched roofs. Read More

Jamaica Tourist Board Transforms Boisdale at Canary Wharf into Jamaica Garden Terrace

Thursday, August, 10 2017    

The terrace at Boisdale Canary Wharf has been transformed into a Jamaica getaway, with a vibrant Jamaican theme creating an inviting spectacle for diners and passersby. Boisdale, a popular Scottish restaurant, has added pizzazz to its menu offerings with the inclusion of Jamaican... Read More

Savouring Rosť

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, August, 10 2017    

Marketing and events coordinator Shannon McClure, in association with wine importer Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ), hosted yet another impressive wine-tasting event. The focus this time was on rosť wines. Read More

Rock Honest Labour #Jamaica55

Thursday, August, 3 2017    

They are to be found in every parish behind or in front of their stalls where they artfully display their produce. The shiny, fatter fruits are at eye level — merchandising does not only take place at supermarkets! Indeed, few corporate teams can equal their sales technique, and... Read More

Pinot Grigio — The Perfect Summer Wine

with Christopher Reckord | Thursday, August, 3 2017    

Last weekend I was in discussion with a friend visiting from Florida on what wines she was drinking this summer. Of note is her recent foray into white wines; Pinot Grigio in particular, because her preferred wines, notably reds, were just not working for her in the heat. I teased for a... Read More

Rockhouse Style

Thursday, July, 27 2017    

The beautiful views, lush gardens, expansive and exquisite cut-stone work at Rockhouse Hotel, advantageously perched upon the scenic cliffs of Negril's Pristine Cove on the west end, are enough to draw your attention and leave you in awe. The hotel also features pictures, books and... Read More

Making the cut

Thursday, July, 27 2017    

Did you make the cut? Copperwood's “Making The Cut” pork-themed food seminar, that is. The event took place last week Thursday at the Courtleigh Auditorium and featured celebrity chef Charlie McKenna of Lillie's Q in Chicago and agricultural specialist Dr Timothy Dean... Read More

Stretching The 'Imagination'

Thursday, July, 27 2017    

In a bid to grow the local agricultural sector while also making an impressive dent in the importation market, the CB Foods Group officially introduced its Imagination Farms, last Tuesday evening at a launch reception hosted at the Hope Zoo. Read More

Supaah Food Takes Over Island Grill

Thursday, July, 27 2017    

Pursuing its health-conscious mandate, quick-service chain Island Grill has upped the nutrition quotient with a revitalised menu that now offers more ground provisions and produce under an in-house Supaah Food banner. Read More


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