Jamaica Observer http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/ JamaicaObserver.com, the most concise and in-depth website for news coverage on Jamaica and the Caribbean. Updated daily 7 days a week, 24 hours a day en-us copyright Jamaica Observer, 2011 Magnum Kings and Queens face off http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Magnum-Kings-and-Queens-face-off-_18477099 TOMORROW'S episode of Magnum Kings and Queen will see the first face off for the season.<br /> <br /> Castle Red's Princes Fiyah Roiall will do battle with Simple Wayne, while Princesses Kranberri will face off with Little Touch. These contestants selected were the ones with the lowest in votes.<br /> <br /> Judge Miss Kitty expressed surprise at that Fiyah Roiall was in the bottom two and encouraged viewers to vote.<br /> <br /> "Vote for your favourite contestants. At the end of the day, it is your finger power that will make the difference. It doesn't matter how good you are, it is the votes that will keep your favourites here," she said.<br /> <br /> Last Saturday's staging saw Castle Blue's 10 contestants taking the judges advice and gave great performances.<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547516/GOVONA-J_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM Sizzla strums on classics http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Sizzla-strums-on-classics_18476078 MOST persons familiar with Sizzla know the singer for his fiery lyrics and persona. But for his latest project, the diminutive artiste tries something new.<br /> <br /> Sizzla plays guitar and bass on The Remake of The Classics, a cover album produced by his long-time friend and collaborator, Everton 'Caveman' Moore.<br /> <br /> Moore says the album will have 20 tracks which are updates of classic reggae and rocksteady songs. Sizzla covers Jacob Miller's Tenement Yard, but was encouraged by Moore to also show off his skills as a musician.<br /> <br /> "Everyday him practise guitar an' bass up a him yaad, but this is the first official recording of him playing instruments," Moore told Splash.<br /> <br /> Sizzla played guitar or bass on Tenement Yard, Moore's take on The Wailers' Thank you Lord, Half Pint's Dancing Mood (made popular by Delroy Wilson) and Hezron's version of Alton Ellis' Black Man's Pride.<br /> <br /> Moore said Sizzla welcomed the opportunity to do something different.<br /> <br /> "Him enjoy it, him enjoy himself."<br /> <br /> Another first on 'The Remake' is seasoned session musician Paul 'Wrong Move' Crosdale singing. He did The Mad Lads' version of Ten to One, originally done by Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions.<br /> <br /> Moore and drummer Nicky Henry of the Mystic Revealers came up with the concept for 'The Remake', which is being recorded at the former's east Kingston studio.<br /> <br /> The Mystic Revealers cover The Wailers' Bus Them Shut (Pyaka), while Fred Locks puts his spin on Dennis Brown's Whip Them Jah.<br /> <br /> Upcoming acts are a big part of the project which is tentatively scheduled for an April release. They include Jesse Black who does Burning Spear's Marcus Garvey and Proverbs, who covered Fade Away, originally done by Junior Byles.<br /> <br /> -- Howard Campbell<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547479/Sizzla-1180_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM Feeling mellow in Jamaica http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Feeling-mellow-in-Jamaica_18471516 BY SIMONE MORGAN Observer reporter morgans@jamaicaobserver.com ITALIAN reggae band Mellow Mood is in Jamaica filming a documentary and recording songs by emerging acts for their Dub Files project.<br /> <br /> According to vocalist Lorenzo Garcia, Dub Files is a new musical style which combines freestyle and deejaying.<br /> <br /> "We brought our own producer and we are currently operating from a mobile studio. In addition to recording established acts, our aim right now is to give unheard talents a chance to shine," he said.<br /> <br /> So far, the band has recorded upcoming artistes such as Hempress Sativa, Juba Lion, Daddy John and Philip Krucial.<br /> <br /> The five-member band, who are all in their 20s, consists of twin brothers Jacopo and Lorenzo Garcia, Giulio Frausin, Federico Mazzolo and Pilippo Buresta.<br /> <br /> "Reggae music has the best feelings attached to it. All of the emotions that one experienced throughout the day are often expressed in a song. Reggae gives off a positive and spiritual message, one that is soothing," Frausin explained.<br /> <br /> The musicians made their debut performance in Jamaica in Papine recently and said the reception warmed their hearts.<br /> <br /> "We played at some of the largest venues in Europe, but to come to Jamaica and perform for just a few has been our greatest achievement. We heard that the Jamaican audience is the hardest to please, so to get a positive feedback from even a small gathering is just a blessing," Lorenzo said.<br /> <br /> "It's not that easy getting it right because we were not born in Jamaica. Therefore, we had to study the genre and we decided to come to Jamaica to get first-hand knowledge," Frausin added.<br /> <br /> Mellow Mood formed in Pordenone, Italy, in 2005. Four years later, they released their debut album called Move!<br /> <br /> Produced by close associate, Paolo Baldini, Move! was an unexpected success, according to band members. Two singles, Only You and Dance Inna Babylon, received more than 10 million views on YouTube.<br /> <br /> Three years later, Mellow Mood released their second album called Well Well Well.<br /> <br /> "Well Well Well is intense and elegant, and showcases the progression of Mellow Mood, as we proved to be among the protagonists of a new generation of reggae artistes coming from all over the planet," Lorenzo said.<br /> <br /> The tour to promote that album took them to 12 European countries. They performed at top festivals on the continent such as Rototom Sunsplash, Sziget Festival and Sumol Summer Festival.<br /> <br /> During the second half of 2013, Mellow Mood did several collaborations with Jamaican artistes. Among them, Extra Love with Tanya Stephens and Wipe Away featuring Jah9.<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547469/Mellow-Mood-3_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM Farmer Nappy for Bacchanal Fridays http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Farmer-Nappy-for-Bacchanal-Fridays_18478936 AS promised, Bacchanal Fridays at Mas Camp in St Andrew continues to be the premier Carnival spot, featuring soca star Farmer Nappy on its main stage tonight.<br /> <br /> "Bacchanal Jamaica is committed to delivering the best of the best for Carnival 2015 and Farmer Nappy is right there amongst the best," Michael Ammar Jr, Bacchanal Jamaica director, told Splash.<br /> <br /> Farmer Nappy, best known for his hit Big People Party, recently won the coveted Calypso of the Year Award. He plans to take his high-energy act to the Bacchanal Fridays stage.<br /> <br /> "He knows how to work the Jamaican audience and he has a good catalogue of old and new songs," Ammar Jr said.<br /> <br /> The night will also be sponsored by Smirnoff.<br /> <br /> "We are bringing the heat to Mas Camp this Friday with sizzling performances by Farmer Nappy, Barry Hype and Richie D, all engulfed on a stage that only Smirnoff can do," said Nasha-Monique Douglas, brand manager -- spirits and wines, Red Stripe.<br /> <br /> While watching Farmer Nappy's performance, patrons can also enjoy Smirnoff Wildfire, a signature cocktail designed specifically for Carnival as well as various other Smirnoff mixes available throughout the night.<br /> <br /> -- Rory Daley<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547525/Farmer-Nappy2_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547526/Nasha-Douglas_7815-3-2_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM Capping Reggae Wednesday http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Capping-Reggae-Wednesday_18477238 THE sound of singer Christopher Martin echoed across the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in St Andrew on Wednesday, bringing to a close the weekly live music session organised by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association (JaRIA) in observance of Reggae Month.<br /> <br /> Backed by the Warrior Love band, Martin's set comprised a steady stream of songs he has made popular since winning the Digicel Rising Stars title back in 2005. Take My Wings, Paper Loving, Cheater's Prayer as well as John Holt's If I Were a Carpenter, was among the tracks on his playlist.<br /> <br /> The Rising Stars alumnus was also represented by the 2010 winner Dalton Harris, who, under the wings of Penthouse Records' Donovan Germain is becoming a fine vocalist and performer. He dropped two tracks on the audience - Stevie Wonder's You Will Know and what Harris calls his autobiography the catchy Pauper.<br /> <br /> Local band Dubtonic, and singers Charmaine Lemonius and DMajor brought a taste of their brand of reggae music to the venue which went over well with the moderately sized audience.<br /> <br /> The final instalment in the series was dubbed 'Reggae Run Weh' and sought to merge the current acts with the influence of the music on fashion. Deisgners Shades of Africa, Courtney Washington, Balla Shawn were among those who sent the work down the runway.<br /> <br /> Reggae Month concludes tomorrow with the JaRIA Honour Awards at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston. A number of Jamaicans which have contributed to the growth and development of the music industry will be rewarded for their work.<br /> <br /> -- Richard Johnson<br /> <br /> Capping Reggae Wednesday<br /> <br /> --> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547477/DSC_0006_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547478/DSC_1933_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM Dillgin enjoying career resurgence http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Dillgin-enjoying-career-resurgence_18476188 BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer writer WITH new singles Shining, Weed and The Wheat (Matthew 13:30) gaining momentum, Dillgin is upbeat about the state of his career.<br /> <br /> He is coming off six weeks of promotional dates in the United States for the songs.<br /> <br /> Shining was released a few months ago, but he says radio was hesitant about throwing its support behind the second single, Weed and The Wheat (Matthew 13:30).<br /> <br /> "Persons were of the opinion that it was a pro-marijuana song, so it had to be subtitled and sent back out with a separate press release explaining that the song is a parable and that the weed represented the things in life that stifle or hold us back," Dillgin disclosed. "It is a song that speaks to being <br /> <br /> patient, but diligent in our works."<br /> <br /> Dillgin, who lives in New York, had a brief chart run during the late 1990s with the song Cuss Cuss.<br /> <br /> For Shining, he worked with bassist/producer Derrick Barnett of Sagitarius Band and Jamaican sound engineer Ricardo 'Gary' Walker, who has recorded and mixed tracks for Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott and Slick Rick.<br /> <br /> Dillgin is completing his upcoming album New Day.<br /> <br /> &mdash; Kevin Jackson<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547471/Dillgin-in-performance_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM Frassman gets personal on Pop Off http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Frassman-gets-personal-on-Pop-Off_18476179 Deejay Frassman makes a bold statement with his latest single, Pop Off, which is produced by Bridgeport, Connecticut's Track Star.<br /> <br /> "Pop Off is just me expressing changes in my life. It's about me getting rid of all the fake people around me in my musical and personal life," Frassman told Splash.<br /> <br /> Released on the T.S.M.G label, Pop Off is the follow-up to his 2014 hit, Dat Nuh Hard Fi Do.<br /> <br /> "Here in Connecticut as well as in New York and underground stations in the UK, the support has been very good," said Frassman, who migrated to the United States 10 years ago.<br /> <br /> In addition to working on new tracks for a mix tape, Frassman completed a video for another new song, Gangster Prayer.<br /> <br /> His recent releases include Mr Law (with the Dubtonic Kru), the soca- influenced Push Back, Party Animal, Stamina and Mama Papa Love (featuring Spice).<br /> <br /> &mdash; Kevin Jackson<br /> <br /> Frassman gets personal on Pop Off<br /> <br /> --> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11547476/Frassman_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 3:00 AM DJ Breezy and L'evate reviving dancehall in US http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/DJ-Breezy-and-L-evate-reviving-dancehall-in-US KINGSTON, Jamaica &mdash; As teenagers in Trenton, New Jersey during the 1990s, Kareem Buckley and Carl Stultz rocked to the dancehall beats coming out of their native Jamaica.<br /> <br /> Now artistes, the longtime friends were in Kingston recently for recording sessions with producers Sheldon 'Calibud' Stewart and Young Veterans.<br /> <br /> Buckley, known as DJ Breezy One Don and Stultz, a singer who goes by the moniker L'evate, did the songs for the latter's label, Carl Stultz Music Group.<br /> <br /> According to Westmoreland-born L'evate, the objective is to revive the type of sound they grew up on in New Jersey &mdash; the sound that attracted the hip hop nation and made dancehall/reggae a big seller in the United States and Europe.<br /> <br /> "I'll be honest here...the only exciting stuff I hear coming out of Jamaica in the last five years is Chronixx. There's Dre Island, Kabaka (Pyramid) and Jah9, but Chronixx is who the people are really feeling in the US," he told OBSERVER ONLINE.<br /> <br /> Originally from Trelawny, DJ Breezy One Don was weaned on the music of Super Cat, Ninjaman and Buju Banton. He believes the lack of quality dancehall productions has once again limited its artistes to ethnic markets.<br /> <br /> "I wanna bring back that feel-good music, music that even though some of the topics may be on the edge, it appeals to everyone," he said.<br /> <br /> Both artistes are in their late 30s, and began recording during the latter 1990s. L'evate's latest songs are Love Bullet and Reggae Vehicle.<br /> <br /> Breezy One Don has not released any songs as yet. Moneymaker and Starving, tracks from the Kingston sessions, will mark his debut.<br /> <br /> The two got back into music after education and the military took priority. L'evate holds a degree in political science while Breezy Wonder served eight years in the United States Army.<br /> <br /> "When I was recording back in the 1990s, it was all excitement, I still had to learn the business 'cause that's important," said L'evate.<br /> <br /> His songs, Better Love, Your World and Seek More, all produced by Calibud, are expected to be released this summer.<br /> <br /> Howard Campbell http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11548703/L-evate_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Friday, February 27, 2015 1:01 PM Bobbi Kristina suffers setback http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Bobbi-Kristina-suffers-setback KINGSTON, Jamaica &mdash; Efforts to take Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late Whitney Houston, out of her medical induced coma has suffered a setback, US media are reporting.<br /> <br /> Reports are that 21-year-old Brown started having seizures as soon as doctors tried taking her off various medications forcing them to keep her on them.<br /> <br /> It is almost a month now since brown has been in a coma, after being hospitalised January 31, having been found face down and unconscious in a bathtub at her Georgia home.<br /> <br /> Meanwhile, her estranged boyfriend, Nick Gordon, has voiced his anger on social media networking site Twitter, after continuously being barred from visiting her.<br /> <br /> "My heart is full of anger after the Browns have shut me out," he tweeted Wednesday evening. "They don't even know her. Sabotage."<br /> <br /> Gordon added, "I miss her so much. I seem so weak right now. You all have been so supportive! Thank you for everything."<br /> <br /> The family attorney, however, said &ldquo;there is no reason for any additional discussion with" Gordon.<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11524954/bobbi-kristina_w300.jpg Local News Friday, February 27, 2015 12:41 AM 'Rubera' banks on Milit&acirc;ncia Rastafari http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Rubera--banks-on-Milit-acirc-ncia-Rastafari_18470468 WHEN sport-loving Jamaicans of different generations think about Portugal, football stars Eusebio and Cristian Ronaldo come to mind.<br /> <br /> The Rubera Roots Band are looking to score big with reggae audiences through Milit&acirc;ncia Rastafari, their first album.<br /> <br /> Launched in 2013, the seven-piece unit is based in Amadora, an urban area in Lisbon, Portugal's capital. Members are from Angola, Cape Verde Islands and<br /> <br /> Portugal.<br /> <br /> Ras Nunukah, the band's lead vocalist, is from Cape Verde. He told the Jamaica Observer that though Milit&acirc;ncia Rastafari is recorded in Cape Verde Creole, their influences are diverse.<br /> <br /> "From Bulimundo, a famous band from Cape Verde, also CaboVerde Show Band, Norberto Tavares, Ferro Gaita, the Semba Rithim and the Bantu Riddim from Angola, musicians like Fela Kuti; there are also influences from jazz, and Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, The Congos, The Abyssinians...so many," he said.<br /> <br /> Ras Kamaradah (rhythm guitar), Ras M (drums), Jahson (percussion), Andrae Moraes (keyboards), Paulo Ribeiro (bass) and Dodas Spencer (guitar) are the other members of Rubera Roots Band.<br /> <br /> Released in December, the 10-track Milit&acirc;ncia Rastafari has a Caribbean flavour. It is co-produced by <br /> <br /> the Jamaican-run Ziggyblacks Productions and features veteran guitarist Tuff Lion of the Virgin Islands on the song Larga Tudu Bu Ben.<br /> <br /> The Rubera Roots Band are scheduled to promote Milit&acirc;ncia Rastafari with dates in Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal.<br /> <br /> -- Howard Campbell<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11543414/Rubera-Roots-Band_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Thursday, February 26, 2015 1:00 AM Lawyer says Admiral Bailey has explanation http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/LAWYER-SAYS-ADMIRAL-BAILEY-HAS-EXPLANATION_18472242 TOM Tavares-Finson, attorney-at-law representing deejay Glendon 'Admiral' Bailey, said charges brought against his client are a misunderstanding.<br /> <br /> "I indicated that the travel documents they are alleging are fraudulent are documents that he [Admiral] has been using for over 25 years. I am satisfied that when the matter comes before the court, we will be able to offer an explanation...," Tavares-Finson told the Jamaica Observer.<br /> <br /> Admiral Bailey, whose given name is Glendon Bailey, was slapped with fraud-related charges when he attempted to renew a passport in the name Micheal George Sullivan at the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency on Monday.<br /> <br /> He is booked to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Thursday, March 5.<br /> <br /> Admiral Bailey is charged with two counts of uttering forged documents, two counts of obtaining passport by false pretence, two counts of possession of forged documents, one count of attempting to obtain a passport by false pretence, and one count of conspiracy to defraud.<br /> <br /> "Admiral Bailey is someone who is highly regarded by many members of society and not as someone who has been associated with any criminality or even the hint of criminality," said Tavares-Finson.<br /> <br /> A cross-over artiste in his own right, Admiral Bailey started his career as a dancehall duo with Chaka Demus, their hit One Scotch (Boops Riddim, Jammys Records) introduced to the mainstream. As a solo act, Bailey went on to rule the 1980s and '90s with hits including Big Belly Man, Think Me Did Done, and Heathly Body. With the assistance of musician Byron Lee, he won over to soca fans with Dancehall Soca and Soca Butterfly.<br /> <br /> He has had a successful career in football at the national level, leading Olympic Gardens to the Premiere League and making Tivoli Gardens Football Club multiple winners of the trophy. <br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11543410/Admiral-Bailey_6779_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Thursday, February 26, 2015 1:00 AM High marks for 'Alligator High' http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/High-marks-for--Alligator-High_18470673 COME March 30, the local theatre production Saving Alligator High stomps its way into to the Actor Boy Awards as the king of the court with the most nominations -- one dozen.<br /> <br /> The play, penned by Patrick Brown and directed by Trevor Nairne and Brown, has copped nods in all the acting categories -- Best Comedy, Best New Jamaican Play (the writer's award), Best Production among others -- and having viewed the production, it is truly deserving of these nominations.<br /> <br /> Saving Alligator High is riotous comedy which offers an interesting, humorous insight into the staff room antics and politics.<br /> <br /> The production follows five educators: math teacher Jeff Jones (Glen Campbell); PE instructor Fox Bell (Courtney Wilson); history teacher Sonya Lee (Sharee Elise); general science tutor Tami Turnbull (Sakina Deer); and Bev Beckford (Camille Davis), a teacher of language and 'lickricher' -- her pronunciation of the subject.<br /> <br /> The school is not one of the leading education institutions as it is overrun by thugs and sees teachers having to arm and protect themselves when heading to classes, if they do.<br /> <br /> Things turn upside down when the new history teacher arrives, and is hell bent on bringing civility to the school and transform her apathetic colleagues.<br /> <br /> What ensues is just over two hours of genuine laughter thanks to the sharp-wit and pen of Patrick Brown and the tight direction on Nairne.<br /> <br /> The majority of the comedic moments are courtesy of Camille Davis.<br /> <br /> This young actress has earned her stripes on the local stage, her comedic timing works well in this production.<br /> <br /> Her character Bev Beckford would well be described as Madame Malaprop. She offers some gems -- food and nutritious teacher, a brain sergeant (surgeon); the black star lighter (Black Star Liner); unfairedness and mash murder (mass murder) were some of the laughter-illiciting phrases she dropped at random.<br /> <br /> The good thing about Saving Alligator High is the strong social statement delivered in the production's subtext. While there are the laughter and merriment, Brown's script equally looks into what is not a far-fectched concepts as it relates to the attitude and reality facing educators worldwide.<br /> <br /> If there is one downside to Saving Alligator High it comes at the end of the production. After the plot unravels, the pace of the production drags and slows down. This would have left patrons on a buzzing high.<br /> <br /> One waits for the Actor Boy Awards to see how many trophies this production will ultimately go home with.<br /> <br /> -- Richard Johnson<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11543420/DSC_7716_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11543418/DSC_7699_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Thursday, February 26, 2015 1:00 AM Top DJs for Sunday&rsquo;s Bachelor Chef Cookout http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Top-DJs-for-Sunday-s-Bachelor-Chef-Cookout_18471042 BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer Writer THE popular Bachelor Chef Cookout series is set for the Tiki Hut (formerly known as Kabana) on Hope Road in St Andrew, on Sunday.<br /> <br /> The event will feature top sound system selectors DJ Narity and Sanjay (of Coppershot and Fame FM) and Chromatic.<br /> <br /> Dubbed the Best of Best edition, promoter/chef Shea Stewart promises patrons a good time.<br /> <br /> "Patrons are guaranteed a great time. <br /> <br /> We have a <br /> <br /> great line-up <br /> <br /> of DJs, and with good food, that's a winning combination," said Stewart.<br /> <br /> He explained how the Bachelor Chef Cookout event came about.<br /> <br /> "Bachelor Chef Cookout was created to showcase my skills as a chef and to promote my web show of the same name. The first staging was actually in my backyard three years ago, when me and a few of my friends/partners set up in my backyard with a sound system and a small bar," said Stewart.<br /> <br /> Stewart said the event has evolved.<br /> <br /> "It has now become its own unique food event. We have expanded to a bigger venue, expanded our menu options and our attractions. This staging we have the largest pasta station we've ever put on at 40ft. We also have grown as chefs, so the food has more of our own personalities involved making it a truly unique experience," he said.<br /> <br /> The 29-year-old sharpened his culinary skills at the Runaway Bay HEART Academy before embarking on a professional career in catering. The Bachelor Chef series has jump-started his catering business, Elite Kreations.<br /> <br /> "This will be our 10th staging and we're using it as an opportunity to showcase delicious cuisines featured at our previous cookouts. Patrons can look forward to their favourite dishes from our Oriental, Caribana, Hawaiian Luau and Southwestern BBQ editions," said Stewart.<br /> <br /> For the first time, event organisers are also introducing VIP lounges decked out with top-shelf spirits including Remy Martin, Luc Belaire and Patr&oacute;n.<br /> <br /> "We've enjoyed strong support from corporate sponsors and this time around we're partnering with CPJ, Caribbean Broilers, Nestl&eacute;, Production Resource Systems (PRS) and GEM Spring Water to host an unforgettable event," said Stewart. <br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11543422/Shea-Stewart_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Thursday, February 26, 2015 1:00 AM PHOTOS: Celebrating the life of Bob Marley http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/PHOTOS--Celebrating-the-life-of-Bob-Marley As February nears its end, OBSERVER ONLINE would like to reflect on the 70th birthday of reggae king Bob Marley.<br /> <br /> The Bob Marley Group of Companies and corpoarte partners Digicel organized a number of activities including the opening of a musical reflecting the life of Marley, celebrations at his former home-turned-museum in St Andrew, a free Marley concert on the Kingston Waterfront and the annual One Love celebrity football match.<br /> <br /> See more photos here: Digicel's Bob Marley Redemption Live Concert http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11544987/Bob-Marley-Concert-191_595_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11544988/Bob-Marley-Concert-116_595_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11544990/Bob-Marley-Concert-156_595_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11544996/Bob-Marley-Concert-55_595_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11545406/Bob-Marley-Concert-10_595_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11545407/Bob-Marley-Concert-103_595_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Thursday, February 26, 2015 1:31 AM Ricky Flex tackles carnal abuse http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Ricky-Flex-tackles-carnal-abuse  <br /> <br /> ON his latest song, She&rsquo;s Just 13, singjay Ricky Flex tackles one of Jamaica&rsquo;s longstanding problems &mdash; carnal abuse. According to the father of four children, (including a four-year-old daughter) Ricky Flex believes not much is being done in Jamaica to protect underage girls. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;Is something you see in society everyday, even in my community. When this happens, yuh destroy a potential teacher or nurse,&rdquo; he said. She&rsquo;s Just 13 is produced by Smokey and Kidamawi Entertainment, who are also behind Bed of Rose, a sevensong EP that includes the songs Like a Man and Suffer Long.<br /> <br /> The hardhitting She&rsquo;s Just 13 is getting the lion&rsquo;s share of promotion. According to Ricky Flex, rightly so, because &ldquo;Mi want it shake up some man". <br /> <br /> Jamaican law states that carnal abuse is males having sex with girls under the age of 16, which is the age of consent. This is a breach of the Offences against the Person Act and carries a maximum term of life in prison.<br /> <br /> The 2013 Jamaica Crime and Safety Report (issued by the United States State Department) showed 763 documented cases of carnal abuse in Jamaica that year. <br /> <br /> She&rsquo;s Just 13 was released in November. It was written by the 30- year-old Flex (real name Ricky Steven) who hails from the Kingston 13 area. A past student of Holy Trinity High School, he has been recording since 2001. <br /> <br /> &mdash; Howard Campbell http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540913/Ricky-Flex-1_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:45 AM Beenie Man for Beer Wednzdays Live http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Beenie-Man-for-Beer-Wednzdays-Live GRAMMY-WINNING dancehall deejay Beenie Man is the headliner for Beer Wednzdays Live at Cuddy&rsquo;z Sports Bar and Restaurant in St Andrew, tonight. <br /> <br /> The event, presented by Heineken, is scheduled to start at 8:00 pm. Marsha Lumley, market transformation manager at Red Stripe Stripe, said her company was not only excited, but proud to have an artiste of Beenie Man&rsquo;s calibre as part of its series of live events. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;We are delighted to have Beenie Man as the featured artiste on our next Beer Wendzdays installment. Consumers can look forward to super beer specials and a plethora of hit songs from &lsquo;The Doctor&rsquo;,&rdquo; Lumley said. <br /> <br /> The self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man is the consummate entertainer. His album Art and Life (2000) earned him the coveted Best Reggae Album. <br /> <br /> Also slated to perform is reggae band Mystical Revolution, winner of the music category of the Heineken Inspire Competition in 2012. <br /> <br /> The Beer Wednzdays Live series had it beginnings at the Countryside Club in St Andrew in December http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540904/Beenie-Man_1549_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:36 AM Campbell&rsquo;s new mission http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Campbell-s-new-mission Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:51 AM Campbell's new mission http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Campbell-s-new-mission_18464738 BY RORY DALEY Observer writer daleyr@jamaicaobserver.com AFTER wowing the judges on the TV reality show, Mission Catwalk, season four victor Kurt Campbell heads for Milan Fashion Week in Italy today.<br /> <br /> He, however, displayed three of his 12-piece collection 'Shades of Contradiction' on Monday evening at The Bar@twentythree, Dominica Drive in New Kingston, ahead of his February 25 to March 3 mission.<br /> <br /> "The collection highlights luxury and high fashion out of the Caribbean," Campbell told the Jamaica Observer.<br /> <br /> He won the opportunity as part of his Mission Catwalk prize package via the show's sponsorship deal with Campari. Accompanying Campbell to Italy will be Debbian Spence-Minott, academy and retail operations manager, J Wray & Nephew.<br /> <br /> He will be the first young Jamaican designer to ever grace the Milan runways, a task Campbell says he's more than up to handling.<br /> <br /> "Once I knew I won the show, I began work on this collection to take to Milan," he said.<br /> <br /> Campbell said the show has changed his life, increasing his clientele and altering the way he works with fabric.<br /> <br /> "I learned to be more of a risk taker on the show and not be afraid to work with certain fabrics," he explained.<br /> <br /> Campbell's new mission<br /> <br /> --> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540910/MISSION-CAT-FASHION_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:00 AM Admiral Bailey will be able to explain in court, says attorney http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Admiral-Bailey-will-be-able-to-explain-in-court--says-attorney KINGSTON, Jamaica &mdash; Tom Tavares-Finson, attorney-at-law for Jamaican deejay Glendon &lsquo;Admiral&rsquo; Bailey says his client is a good man and that fraud-related charges brought against him are a misunderstanding.<br /> <br /> Speaking with OBSERVER ONLINE Wednesday, Tavares-Finson said, &ldquo;Admiral Bailey is someone who is highly regarded by many members of society and not as someone who has been associated with any criminality or even the hint of criminality."<br /> <br /> He said instead, his client has made an effort to keep himself out of any difficulty with the law.<br /> <br /> Tavares-Finson explained that Bailey is &ldquo;a sort of crossover artiste between the genre of deejay music and calypso&rdquo; and so a lot of people were shocked that the news came out that he has been charged for fraud.<br /> <br /> The attorney left the impression that the name his client attempted to use, Michael George Sullivan, was one he has been using for a number of years now.<br /> <br /> He said: &ldquo;I indicated that the travel documents that they are alleging are fraudulent are documents that he has been using for over 25 years.&rdquo;<br /> <br /> &ldquo;I am satisfied that when the matter comes before the court we will be able to offer an explanation&hellip;&rdquo;.<br /> <br /> Bailey is scheduled to appear in the Corporate Area Criminal Court on Thursday, March 5 after he was arrested Monday.<br /> <br /> According to the police, the deejay went to the Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA) about 10:30 am Monday and attempted to renew a passport in the name Micheal George Sullivan.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;During the renewal process, his true identity was revealed. Subsequently, investigators from PICA detained him,&rdquo; the Jamaica Constabulary Force&rsquo;s Corporate Communications Unit said in a media release issued Monday.<br /> <br /> The police said he was charged with:<br /> <br /> * two counts of uttering forged documents;<br /> <br /> * two counts of obtaining passport by false pretence;<br /> <br /> * two counts of possession of forged documents;<br /> <br /> * one count of attempting to obtain a passport by false pretence; and<br /> <br /> * one count of conspiracy to defraud.<br /> <br /> Kimone Francis<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11542807/Admiral-Bailey_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 5:51 PM Scientist at the controls http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Scientist--at-the-controls GOING back to its early days, reggae has never been short on quality engineers: Syd Bucknor, Osbourne &lsquo;King Tubby&rsquo; Ruddock, and Overton &lsquo;Scientist&rsquo; Brown are some of them. The latter, an unsung hero of Jamaican music, will be honoured by the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association&rsquo;s (JaRIA) annual awards ceremony on February 28.<br /> <br /> A prot&eacute;g&eacute; of Ruddock, Scientist&rsquo; was at the controls for many hit songs during the late 1970s and early 1980s when he worked at Studio One and Channel One. He was engineer on songs such as Oh Mr DC by Sugar Minott, Nice up the Dance (Michigan and Smiley), Armagideon Time (Willi Williams), Collie Weed (Barrington Levy), Ice Cream Love (Johnny Osbourne) and Yellowman&rsquo;s Mad Over Me. <br /> <br /> Bass player Errol &lsquo;Flabba Holt&rsquo; Carter of the Roots Radics Band worked on numerous sessions with Scientist at Channel One. He described him as a &ldquo;good likkle youth". &ldquo;The thing wid Scientist, him really creative, always a try different things. When him come Channel One, him did willing fi learn,&rdquo; said Carter. <br /> <br /> The 54-year-old Scientist, who is from Harbour View in St Andrew, now lives in Washington, DC, where he is an active engineer. The JaRIA awards will be held at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540929/Flabba-Holt_6291_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540924/Scientist-Brown_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:07 AM Three lauded at Marley charity match http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Three-lauded-at-Marley-charity-match  <br /> <br /> THREE veteran artistes were lauded at the Bob Marley One Love Football Charity Match held at the Harbour View Mini-Stadium in St Andrew, on Ash Wednesday. The singers are Max Romeo and Burning Spear, while a posthumous award went to the late Sugar Minott. Organiser Clive &lsquo;Busy&rsquo; Campbell said the recipients were well deserving of the honour. <br /> <br /> &ldquo;The committee decided on those gentlemen... Max Romeo recently celebrated his 70th birthday and his 50th year in music business. Burning Spear is known for his conscious music, while Sugar Minott is one of dancehall&rsquo;s finest singers,&rdquo; Campbell told the Jamaica Observer. The presentations were made in-between the football matches during the day. Dancehall singer Tony Curtis collected the plaque on behalf of roots-reggae singer Max Romeo, footballer Michael &lsquo;Jah Mikes&rsquo; Williams received the award on behalf of Burning Spear, while Pashon Minott collected the award on behalf of her late father. <br /> <br /> Romeo is known for his timeless hits Let the Power Fall, War Inna Babylon and One Step Forward, which earned him a cult-like following throughout Europe. Two-time Grammy winner Burning Spear&rsquo;s Marcus Garvey is an enduring classic. His other hits including Rocking Time, Foggy Road, Door Peep and Ethiopians Live It Out. <br /> <br /> Campbell shared his insights on Sugar Minott. &ldquo;I took &lsquo;Sugar&rsquo; on his first tour in New York with Black Uhuru and singer Joy White. He performed on the Ken Williams Show at Hunter College,&rdquo; he said. A prolific songwriter and singer, Sugar Minott is known for such anthems as Herbsman Hustling, Mr DC, House is not a Home, No Vacancy, Good Thing Going and Never Gonna Give Up Jah. <br /> <br /> He died in July 2010. Started 34 years ago, the proceeds of this year&rsquo;s Bob Marley One Love Football Charity Match will go towards the Albert Street Basic School in Franklyn Town and the Portmore Basic School in St Catherine. &mdash; Brian Bonitto http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540940/DSC_0952_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:00 AM GREAT VIBES AT BACCHANAL FRIDAYS http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/GREAT-VIBES-AT-BACCHANAL-FRIDAYS_18465109 It was a full house that turned out for the opening of Bacchanal Fridays held at Mas Camp in St Andrew, last Friday.<br /> <br /> Soca lovers were kept entertained by selections from DJ Smoke, DJ Lantern, and DJ Richie Ras until the wee hours.<br /> <br /> Another highlight of the event was the displaying of this year's costumes ahead of the April 12 road march.<br /> <br /> Here are some pictures from the event.<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540977/Juliene-Messam_3509_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540973/DSC_0008_w300.jpg http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540966/Danielle-Phillips_3476-1_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:00 AM Etana completes European tour http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/Etana-completes-European-tour_18464998 ;<br /> <br /> INTERNATIONAL recording artiste Etana has just completed a successful three-week European gig that saw her performing alongside veteran reggae artiste Mykal Rose.<br /> <br /> The trip saw her performing at club shows in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.<br /> <br /> "The tour was incredible. It was the smoothest tour we have ever done. The other day we were joking say it too smooth, no fights, no blow-ups, no major disagreements or foul-ups, it too smooth," said Etana.<br /> <br /> "We sold out of all tour merchandise: I Rise T shirts, Better Tomorrow albums and I Rise albums."<br /> <br /> The gig climaxed with a sold-out performance at a club in Amsterdam, Holland.<br /> <br /> "Amsterdam was a blast as I expected. It had been two years since I returned to Europe, and the way the venue full up, the promoter came to me and shook my hand a few times, and it felt great, because in this business, you always have to keep proving yourself," she sad.<br /> <br /> While on tour, Etana did a combination with noted French reggae artiste Yanis Adua.<br /> <br /> "The song is a new version of On My Way from the I Rise album. It was great working with him too. He is very humble and talented. Of course, he did his part in French and there are plans to shoot the video in Jamaica soon," she said.<br /> <br /> Etana will be embarking on an American tour in May this year alongside Anuhea, a Hawaiian contemporary folk-rock singer and songwriter of Caucasian, Hawaiian and Chinese descent.<br /> <br /> "Anuhea is a great singer and a wonderful artiste. I am looking forward to the experience," she said. <br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540917/Etana_3007_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:00 AM CLAY PUTS HIS HEART INTO IT http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/CLAY-PUTS-HIS-HEART-INTO-IT_18466393 BY KEVIN JACKSON Observer Writer SINGER Clay has played a producer/songwriter's role in several hit songs by artistes like Sean Paul and Chipmunk, which have made European charts.<br /> <br /> He is looking for similar success as an artiste with Can I Have My Heart Back, his latest single. It is produced by Germany's Silly Walks Discotheque which scored big in 2013 with Chronixx's Smile Jamaica.<br /> <br /> Clay (real name Clayton Morrison) who lives in London, was born and raised in Gordon Town, St Andrew. He relocated to the United Kingdom in 2002.<br /> <br /> "I am a reggae artiste, but I used to work as a producer and songwriter in various genres including Rhythm and Blues and hip hop. I felt the urge to express myself by singing my own songs and I decided to record and release them," he told the Jamaica Observer. "Reggae is natural for me because I was born and raised in Jamaica. Yet I believe working in other genres of music has influenced me and my style a lot."<br /> <br /> Clay co-wrote Sean Paul's 2009 hit Hold My Hand which reached number nine in Belgium, number three in France, number 26 in Portugal, and number 37 in Switzerland.<br /> <br /> He co-wrote and co-produced Pray for Me, by British hip hop artiste Chipmunk. His credits also include co-producing Hangover, a 2011 single from British singer Starboy Nathan, which reached number 92 on the British pop chart.<br /> <br /> The 32-year-old Morrison made his own recording debut in the summer of 2013 with the Silly Walks-produced London Town. Most of his recordings as an artiste have been with that label.<br /> <br /> In Jamaica, he has recorded for producers Troyton and Kurt Riley.<br /> <br /> A trained pianist, drummer and guitarist, Clay is focusing on the release of his debut album, which he hopes to release this summer.<br /> <br /> His EP, 1st Chapter, is available on iTunes. It features the tracks Shadow After Dark, Inseparable, Fire, Exodus, Life and Why.<br /> <br /> http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540921/Clay_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 3:00 AM SWEET HONEY FOR &lsquo;THE ROCK&rsquo; http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/entertainment/SWEET-HONEY-FOR--THE-ROCK- BY RICHARD JOHNSON Observer senior reporter johnsonr@jamaicaobserver.com  <br /> <br /> AMERICAN a cappella ensemble, Sweet Honey In The Rock, is set to headline this year&rsquo;s staging of the annual Black History Month concert Blues on The Green set for Emancipation Park in St Andrew, on Friday. The Grammy-winning all-female group is promising to bring a performance that will both entertain and stimulate thought through their rich musical tones, artistic style, and delivery, which includes the use of sign language. Sweet Honey In The Rock has been producing music for more than three decades. <br /> <br /> Though the membership of the group has evolved over time, their music continues to weave together contemporary rhythms and narratives. The group has performed in Australia, various parts of Africa, numerous cities across the United States, and will come to Jamaica immediately following a multi-city tour of Peru. &ldquo;Every year, the [US] Embassy always looks for world-class musical ambassadors for Blues on the Green. This year, we also sought an artiste with a commitment to the social justice we remember as part of Black History Month.<br /> <br /> Sweet Honey In The Rock brings together both elements,&rdquo; said Joshua Polacheck, the embassy's counsellor for public affairs. Now in its 23rd year, Blues on The Green is the US Embassy&rsquo;s signature cultural event, held as part of celebration commemorating African-American History Month. During this month, Americans reflect on their ongoing advances towards social inclusion and the elimination of racial inequality. <br /> <br /> As part of our commitment to equal citizenship, the Embassy invites patrons to donate educational tools to the Nathan Ebanks Foundation, which promotes inclusion, participation, empowerment, and equal opportunities for children with disabilities and special educational needs aged zero to 18. &ldquo;We, of course, want everyone to enjoy themselves while also remembering that the struggle for social justice &mdash; for the disabled, for women, for the poor, for minorities &mdash; continues to this day in both Jamaica and the United States,&rdquo; Polacheck added. <br /> <br /> On the evening of the event, the foundation&rsquo;s representatives will be on hand to collect teaching aids such as crayons, play dough, building blocks, and colouring books. Also on the evening&rsquo;s bill is local band Othniel Lewis and Friends and United Kingdom-based Jamaican singer Brina. http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/assets/11540897/Sweet-Honey-in-the-Rock_w300.jpg Local Entertainment Wednesday, February 25, 2015 4:03 AM