Jamaica Observer http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/ JamaicaObserver.com, the most concise and in-depth website for news coverage on Jamaica and the Caribbean. Updated daily 7 days a week, 24 hours a day en-us copyright Jamaica Observer, 2011 Sort it Out! http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Sort-it-Out-_17657293 That is the theme of a recycling initiative launched at Kensington Primary School in Portmore, St Catherine on Friday September 19. Local Environment Wed, 01 Oct 2014 01:00:00 GMT Wildlife populations plummet for 3,000 species http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Wildlife-populations-plummet-for-3-000-species_17657426 GENEVA, Switzerland (AP) — About 3,000 species of wildlife around the world have seen their numbers plummet far worse than previously thought, according to a new study by one of the world's biggest environmental groups. Local Environment Wed, 01 Oct 2014 01:00:00 GMT FREE seedlings for tree planting day http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/FREE-seedlings-for-tree-planting-day_17657312 GOVERNMENT is urging more people to plant trees across the island by offering seedlings of fruit, ornamental and hardwood trees either free or at a minimal cost in preparation for National Tree Planting Day, which is to be observed this Friday, October 3. Local Environment Wed, 01 Oct 2014 02:00:00 GMT Ministry seeks funds to upgrade school labs http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Ministry-seeks-funds-to-upgrade-school-labs_17608234 THE Ministry of Education is seeking money to assist in the upgrading of science laboratories and the provision of micro-science kits for secondary and primary schools across the island. Local News Fri, 26 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT $50-note among garbage find http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/-50-note--among-garbage-find_17593286 LEAVE it to financial brokers to find money during a garbage collection. Local Environment Wed, 24 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT All-island clean-up http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/All-island-clean-up_17599130 Saturday's observance of International Coastal Clean-up Day — coordinated globally by the Ocean Conservancy and locally by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) — attracted thousands of volunteers to sites across the island. Here are scenes from Kingston, Hanover, Westmoreland and Montego Bay. Local Environmental Wed, 24 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT International Coastal Clean-Up Day http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/International-Coastal-Clean-Up-Day_17583942 Jamaicans yesterday turned out for International Coastal Clean Up Day at several points across Jamaica. General News Sun, 21 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT Be more responsible with inland waste — NEPA http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Be-more-responsible-with-inland-waste---NEPA_17542208 ON International Coastal Clean-up Day, which Jamaica observes today along with roughly 100 other countries worldwide, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is urging Jamaicans to pay stricter attention to their garbage disposal practices. Local News Sat, 20 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT It's Coastal Clean-Up Day http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/It-s-Coastal-Clean-Up-Day_17542309 THOUSANDS of Jamaicans are today participating in the removal of garbage and other debris from the nation's beaches, as Jamaica observes International Coastal Clean-Up Day (ICCD). Local News Sat, 20 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT Ozone hole on the mend http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Ozone-hole-on-the-mend_17544634 THE ozone Layer, the atmosphere's shield of protection from the sun's harmful rays, appears to be recovering from the gaping hole burned in it by humans and their use of aerosol canisters and other pollutants, scientists are reporting. Local Environmental Wed, 17 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT Coastal clean-up this weekend http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Coastal-clean-up-this-weekend-_17554962 PLANS are in high gear for International Coastal Clean-up Day this Saturday, September 20 with national coordinators Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) reporting that a record-breaking 8,000 volunteers have registered to collect garbage from 130 sites, six of which are river-based and 11 underwater. Local Environmental Wed, 17 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT 46 million euros over next seven years http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/46-million-euros-over-next-seven-years_17557544 JAMAICA is to receive programme funding in the amount of 46 million euros to be prioritised for projects in the areas of environment and climate change, and the rule of law, among others. Local Environmental Wed, 17 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT #noSUNburnHERE http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/-noSUNburnHERE_17367865 Local Environmental Wed, 17 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT Two arrested for breach bird-hunting rules http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Two-arrested-for-breach-bird-hunting-rules_17526299 THE National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) announced last week that two bird hunters have been arrested for breaching the Wildlife Protection Act, while several others have been issued warnings. Local News Mon, 15 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT UTech solar system doubles as teaching aid http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/UTech-solar-system-doubles-as-teaching-aid_17520020 INSTALLATION of a huge solar energy system at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) earlier this year has not only helped slash the institution's electricity bill, it was used to train engineering students. Local Environmental Wed, 10 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT NWC starts active work on sewage diversion project http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/One-step-closer_17520919 GOVERNMENT yesterday broke ground for the $2.4-billion Portmore Sewage Diversion Project, which is expected to take five existing sewage treatment plants in the municipality out of service and give residents in some areas permanent relief from sewage flows and the offensive odour the plants often give off. Local Environmental Wed, 10 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT RARE CATCH http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/RARE-CATCH_17493943 OWLS HEAD, USA (AP) — It's no white lie: Two lobstermen in Maine caught a pair of rare albino lobsters within a week. International Sun, 07 Sep 2014 01:00:00 GMT SIDS leaders sign pact http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/SIDS-leaders-sign-pact APIA, Samoa — More than 150 delegates and members of the international development community from more than 45 countries were on Monday stunned to see leader after leader approach the podium to sign a historic sustainable energy and climate resilient treaty that will significantly change the lives and destiny of over 20 million small islanders, for the better. Local Environment Fri, 05 Sep 2014 04:44:13 GMT 'Things have changed dramatically' http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/-Things-have-changed-dramatically-_17478828 FRIENDSHIP, Maine (AP) — Imagine Cape Cod without cod. Maine without lobster. The region's famous rocky beaches invisible, obscured by constant high waters. Local News Fri, 05 Sep 2014 02:00:00 GMT Seismic activity calms down near Iceland volcano http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Seismic-activity-calms-down-near-Iceland-volcano LONDON, England (AP) — Experts say the seismic activity near the Bardarbunga volcano on Iceland is calming down, but tall fountains of fire and lava continue to lick the air along a volcanic fissure, producing a huge plume of steam and gas. Local Environment Fri, 05 Sep 2014 04:54:31 GMT #natureROCKS http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/-natureROCKS Tag your #natureROCKS selfie to: Local News Wed, 03 Sep 2014 03:37:45 GMT 'Refuse' Cay http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/-Refuse--Cay_17415459 THE scene at Refuge Cay, some 1.5 miles off the Kingston waterfront, paints the sordid picture of Jamaica's love affair with improper garbage disposal. Local Environmental Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:00:00 GMT Jamaica wants more out of 3rd SIDS confab http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Jamaica-wants-more-out-of-3rd-SIDS-confab_17415468 JAMAICA is expected to raise concerns about the low rate of implementation from the two previous summits when it attends the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in Apia, Samoa starting on Monday. Local Environmental Wed, 27 Aug 2014 01:00:00 GMT 'Jamaica is drowning in a sea of plastics’ http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Jamaica-is-drowning-in-a-sea-of-plastics_17397987 JOURNALISTS and development partners of the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) last Thursday saw what programme director Suzanne Stanley meant when she said: "Jamaica is drowning in a sea of plastics". Local News Mon, 25 Aug 2014 01:00:00 GMT Dead floppy drive: Kenya recycles global e-waste http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/environment/Dead-floppy-drive--Kenya-recycles-global-e-waste_17403001 MACHAKOS, Kenya — In an industrial area outside Kenya's capital city, workers in hard hats and white masks take shiny new power drills to computer parts. This assembly line is not assembling, though. It is dismantling some of the estimated 50 million metric tons of hazardous electronic waste the world generated last year. Financial Sun, 24 Aug 2014 00:05:00 GMT