Jamaica Observer http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/ JamaicaObserver.com, the most concise and in-depth website for news coverage on Jamaica and the Caribbean. Updated daily 7 days a week, 24 hours a day en-us copyright Jamaica Observer, 2011 Winners' Circle - July 2 http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Winners--Circle---July-2_19153513 Eileen Chambers (second left), Jamaica Observer classifieds and regions sales supervisor, presented Marvelous Water Colloidal Silver gift packages to (from left) Marsha Grey, office attendant at the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing; Kechann Smilley-Lawrence, client sales representative at Bars-To-Go; and Faithlin Williams, assistant plumbing instructor at the HEART College of Construction Services. Missing from the prize-giving presentation were Donna Maxwell, Raymond Silvera, and Kareem Wilmott. They were winners of the Thursday Life 'Branded' giveaway and were the first shortlisted readers to provide the answer to: What are the THREE (3) MAIN ingredients in the Marvelous Water Colloidal Silver? The correct response was pure silver, organic apple cider vinegar and purified water. PHOTO: ANTONIO GRAHAM) Local Lifestyle Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:00:00 GMT BRANDED Howard Coxe http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/BRANDED-Howard-Coxe_19153470 Thursday Life (TL): When and how did you start Journey's End Wine? Local Food Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:00:00 GMT Town and Countryside http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Town-and-Countryside_19153456 The Campion College Alumni Association (CCAA) hosted its inaugural fund-raising mixer at Countryside Club Thursday, last, to pay it forward to the next cohort of Campionites. Local Lifestyle Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:00:00 GMT Cheeers! http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Cheers-_19153745 Recipe Corner Local Food Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:00:00 GMT A Soaring Toast http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Foodie-News----Foodie-News----Foodie-News----_19153864 Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum has partnered with Grace and Caribbean Airlines to deliver, and just in time for peak summer travel, an 'On Board Cocktail Programme' that affords passengers the chance to enjoy Appleton V/X cocktails during the summer peak season of July-September. Passengers on CAL will enjoy a new cocktail each month for the period, which will serve to showcase the rum's versatility as well as to give passengers the perfect welcome - and by extension goodbye - to The Rock. Local Lifestyle Thu, 02 Jul 2015 02:00:00 GMT Table Talk Food Awards Jamaica Wrapped! Countdown To T&T and Grand Cayman http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Table-Talk-Food-Awards-Jamaica-Wrapped--Coundtdown-To-T-T-and-Grand-Cayman_19110359 Even the most fabulous affairs must come to an end and we bring the curtains down on the 17th staging of the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards with as much aplomb as when we cut the ribbon on Thursday, May 28, to declare the Food Emporioum open. The Stakes were certainly higher and we applaud the efforts of all. Thousands have declared this our best one yet. Never ones to rest on our laurels however, we have already started planning for # 18 where the bar will be raised even higher as we start the countdown to Trinidad & Tobago and Grand Cayman. Food Awards Trinidad Thu, 25 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Award-Winning Liqy Liqy Icy Pops Get Supermarket Nod http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Award-Winning-Liqy-Liqy-Icy-Pops-Get-Supermarket-Nod_19152585 Liq Fruit Bars (Liqy Liqy), which got the nod at the recently concluded Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards, will soon be in a supermarket near you. Local Lifestyle Thu, 25 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT NCB Turns Tables For Dad http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/NCB-Turns-Tables-For-Dad-_19152419 Treats aplenty were on the menu Sunday last as National Commercial Bank made fatherhood and family bonding the focus at its inaugural Father's Day Brunch at the lush Villa Ronai, off Old Stony Hil Road. Local Lifestyle Thu, 25 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT The Prisoner's Release http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/The-Prisoner-s-Release_19152402 Orin Swift winemaker Dave Phinney made a "mistake" of sorts when he combined ripe Zinfandel, Cabernet, small lots of Petite Sirah, Charbono and Syrah to create what he thought to be a great red wine which he named 'The Prisoner'. Local Lifestyle Thu, 25 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT BRANDED! - Devon Hall http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/BRANDED----Devon-Hall_19152447 Thursday Life (TL): How did you land this job as Manufacturer and Distributor of the Marvelous Water Colloidal Silver (MWCS)? Local Food Thu, 25 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT A Sweet Treat For My Dad http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/A-Sweet-Treat-For-My-Dad_19145542 "My dad has a sweet tooth in general but he definitely is a lover of good cheesecake and this dessert incorporates the best of both cake and cheesecake, and isn't overly sweet". He likes that "it isn't a cheap, boxed mix but has been made from scratch with quality ingredients" Local Lifestyle Thu, 18 Jun 2015 00:00:00 GMT For dad with love xoxo http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/For-dad-with-love-xoxo_19143448 Our award-winning caterers Alexa Von Strolley, Allison Porter-Smalling and Trevanne Donegal share a few of their dads’ favourite meals, and the recipes too. Happy Father’s Day! Local Food Thu, 18 Jun 2015 01:00:00 GMT For Daddy With Love... http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/For-Daddy-With-Love----_19145963 Alexa's dad, John David Von Strolley, is suitably impressed with his daughter and shares this with Thursday Life: "Just the fact that someone takes the time to make pasta dough from scratch leaves me in absolute awe. She is very passionate and does everything wholeheartedly. As a father, that is all you can wish for: for your child to find their niche. Everything she puts her hands on is done with love and attention to detail when it comes to authentic cuisines and it shows (I clean my plate every time). I am so proud of my Tooksie and all she has accomplished in such a short amount of time. The only downfall is my clothes feeling it!" Local Lifestyle Thu, 18 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Frigidaire surprises Best New Caterers with Professional® ranges http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Frigidaire-surprises-Best-New-Caterers-with-Professional--ranges_19110189 A high point of any artisan's career is the recognition he/she receives from his peers and the public. Local Lifestyle Thu, 18 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Celebrating excellence http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Celebrating-excellence_19110308   Local Lifestyle Thu, 18 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Winners' circle -  June 18 http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Winners--circle----June-18-_19135080   Local Lifestyle Thu, 18 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT A Wine Flight to South Africa http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/A-Wine-Flight-to-South-Africa_19134970 I look forward to wine tastings, and the recent invite to enjoy a selection of South African wines from @twentythree, J Wray & Nephew's premium facility for events, was no exception. Local Lifestyle Wed, 17 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT It happened one night http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/It-happened-one-night_19081694 The slings and arrows of naysaying factions were no match for the 17th incarnation of society calendar-fave, the Jamaica Observer's Table Talk Food Awards, as this premier event gave more than 62 exhibitors representing The Rock's best in food and beverage manufacturing, distribution and service, the fantastic opportunity to showcase their best. As rave reviews continue to pour in, Thursday Life issues this Part Deux from the East Lawns of Devon House. Local Food Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Hi-Lo Barbican’s Grand Reveal http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Hi-Lo-Barbican-s-Grand-Reveal_19104181 FOLLOWING the redesign of their Manor Park store, Hi-Lo Food Stores unveiled yet another — its Barbican outlet Sunday last. Guests in attendance, including Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica President (PSOJ) President William Mahfood, had nothing but rave reviews. Indeed, Mahfood described the supermarket as "...clean and modern, resembling those in the UK". Local Food Thu, 11 Jun 2015 00:00:00 GMT Meet Wallenford Coffee Connoisseur Marshalee Valentine http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Meet-Wallenford-Coffee-Connoisseur-Marshalee-Valentine_19104391 Thursday Life (TL): You spoke at the recently concluded Foodie Seminar about a coffee barista. What is a coffee barista? Local Food Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Branded: Dianna Blake-Bennett http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Branded--Dianna-Blake-Bennett_19109503 Thursday Life (TL): How did you land this job? Local Lifestyle Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Best Wine Experience, the winner is... http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Best-Wine-Experience--the-winner-is---_19063354 BEST Wine Experience, the winner is ... Uncorked! We open a bottle with the owners. Another very successful Table Talk Food Awards event has made its culinary ripple in the Caribbean, and Jamaica's finest were recognised. The Food Award judges selected Uncorked, located in Sovereign North, for offering the best wine experience in the country. A post- congratulatory convo with the principals Anna Kay von Dueszeln and Debra Valentine now follows... Local Food Thu, 11 Jun 2015 00:00:00 GMT VIDEO: Cheers To The Awards http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Cheers-To-The-Awards_19054296 On the eve of the 17th Annual Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards, Joan Forrest-Henry, Best Dressed Chicken divisional sales & marketing manager, along with a few members of her team fêted guest chefs, visiting Cayman judges as well as our own Jamaican judges at a fun soirée. Thursday Life shares highlights. Local Food Thu, 11 Jun 2015 04:00:00 GMT Winners' Circle - June 11 http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Winners--Circle---June-11_19105071 Island Spice Director of Sales & Marketing Muna Shadeed (centre) presented gift certificates valued at $1,500.00 to (from left) Jamaica Customs Agency Clerical Officer Cassandra Brown; Web/Graphic Designer Dwayne Smith; Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency Desk Officer Brownen Gustavus; Factories Corporation of Jamaica Limited Administrative Assistant Georgette Elrington-Cruickshank; Envisions Solutions Limited Client Officer Tresa McPherson -- collecting for Digicel Customer Service Representative Kewana White; and Prime Asset Management Pension Administrator Rhona Briscoe. They were winners of the Thursday Life 'Branded' giveaway and were the first shortlisted readers to provide the answer to: Name Island Spice's sister brand and two types of blends offered. The correct response was Sun Spice; and any combination of the following: all-purpose seasoning, chicken seasoning, fish spice, and curry. (PHOTOGRAPHER: ANTONIO GRAHAM) Local Lifestyle Thu, 11 Jun 2015 02:00:00 GMT Winners’ QUOTES http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/food/Winners--QUOTES The Jamaica Observer Food Awards is something I always look forward to, from Homestyle days (when I was nominated in the Best New Food Items category). I’m so excited and happy to be named the culinary gem for Kingston & St Andrew, which has so many top restaurants. The Chairman’s Award is a big one and I’m so happy to be part of this elite group. — Claudette Tenn, owner of M10 Bar & Grill, Kingston & St Andrew parish gem Local Lifestyle Thu, 04 Jun 2015 02:22:40 GMT