The Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out — Oct 4
Sunday Social

Over the past couple of weeks, the O-Team has been in full planning mode, crossing the T's and dotting the I's for the annual road tour and precursor to the Jamaica Observer Takes Style Out (TSO). The sole intent is to get boutiques, restaurants, beauty shops and beauty supply outlets registered for one glorious night of non-stop shopping. After all, TSO was not only designed to benefit fashion or apparel stores. Even Somerset Enterprises at Midway Mall in Mandeville is prepping to offer discounts on headstones and grave markers. Meanwhile, IADPA Bookstore, which doubles as a coffee shop, has registered an up-to-20% discount on sandwiches, milkshakes, smoothies, refreshments and, of course, every book in the store.

Registration was a breeze for fashion retailers like Fashion Statement Boutique, Exquisite Boutique, Frith's Clothing Store, and Beautiful People Fashions. And Caledonia Road retailers Satguru Electronics Furniture Appliances, MG Discount Centre, and Majorkit Sports have signed on as well.

The tour continued to Port Antonio, Old Harbour, and May Pen, Clarendon, and the TSO buzz in these parishes was palpable. Naturally, there was some concern. The Observer has heard the feedback; the economy is experiencing a rough patch; however, where there's a good deal, there's a way.

Retailers, how do you ensure shoppers spend at your establishment? You make it worthwhile!

Remember the first sales event dubbed Fashion's Night Out? Remember the deals and steals? Everyone does! It was a fantastic night of discounts and bargains. Seven years later, however, we've got to reinvent the wheel, and this involves the efforts of local businesses. Sunday Social rounds up week one of the TSO road tour, and provides tips for businesses to maximise sales on October 4.

Keep an eye out for the O-Team on week two of the road tour in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth; Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland; and Montego Bay, St James.

(Photos: Karl McLarty, Garfield Robinson & Jason Tulloch)

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