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77 West

Sunday, September 24, 2017

In 2013 Annabelle Todd was driving along the road in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth and came upon a beautiful piece of land being completely decimated by a bulldozer. Down came magnificent lignum vitae and acacia trees! Having grown up in the area, she was heartbroken by this destruction so she stopped to speak to the owner. When asked why he was doing this, he explained that he was 'cleaning' it to sell it. She explained to him that because of what he was doing he would never be able to sell the land.

Todd, for 15 years, had a fantasy of doing something in Treasure Beach that ranged from African safari tents to yurts, to pods and everything in-between, but it had to be something different. Well, wouldn't you know, in 2014 the very same land that was being destroyed came up for sale, and, needless to say, no-one was interested in a sand dune that had no trees. No-one but her, that is. In 2015 she and two partners, Carl Hendriks (with his 20 years' experience as a general manager with Sandals) and Jana Giargia, a reinsurance broker from Slovakia, purchased the land.

The three of them initially decided to build five wooden cabins and a barbecue. Forseeing that fire might be an issue, they decided on concrete instead. They then threw in the idea of a full bar and restaurant. Of course, there had to be a swimming pool, and on and on. It morphed into the white-on-white contemporary, minimalist style to that is now 77 West. What kind of name is that, you ask. Todd realised that the location sat on the longitude of 77^west and so it was named befitting the modern style of the design.

The property consists of five individual cottages, swimming pool, bar, restaurant and sits on one of the most beautiful untouched beaches in Treasure Beach. The views are spectacular and one can see as far along the coast line to Great Bay. The restaurant will be Jamaican fusion, with a touch of Thai and great burgers. It is open to the public so people can come and spend the day, have lunch and enjoy the facilities. 77 West is also the perfect spot to host weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

Rates range from 115/night to 204/night depending on the time of year and includes all taxes and surcharges.