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SO Dear Orchid Doc — September 24

With Betty Ashley

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Dear Orchid Doc:

I've noticed that my dendrobiums get brown at the roots and then wither and die. Prior to their death, however, a small plant grows at the tip of the dead piece.

I would like to know: What is causing the death of my mother plants?

At what stage do I plant the new plants?





Dear Andrea:

Check in the middle of your Dendrobiums to see if you have a slow-release fertiliser — it resembles a small pebble.

If the answer is yes, this is what is causing the burns. Put the fertiliser on the rim of the pots, not on the roots, as this will burn them and result in death.

When the baby plants' roots have hardened off, you can separate them from the mother plants and plant them in washed stones in a small pot (not as big as the mother plants' pot).


Dear Orchid Doc:

When is a good time to multiply my orchids, that is, to split them into more than one plant?

My entire greenhouse needs splitting, but I am afraid of killing them.





Dear Verna:

Late October is a good time, as it is known as the 'false spring'. Everything grows just as fast as during spring.

So go ahead and split them need not have any more than two stalks per pot of dendrobiums as they will quickly multiply. With regard to the others, determine the size you would like and cut away as per bulbs.


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