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Gadawie talks crooks, criminals

Friday, October 23, 2020

Earlier this month, dancehall artiste Gadawie released the seven-track EP titled Crooks and Criminals . Produced by OneManArmy Music.

The tracks are Demented Dementia, Cryme Syndicate, Insidious, Voultures, Weh Yo Know, Unprecedented, and Badness 2.0.

Born in Portland, Gadawie was raised in Kingston. He explained why he chose a career in music.

“The lifestyle and the freedom that I get to express myself unapologetically was what led me to music. The way how I feel and how I see fit without having to filter my words,” Gadawie told Jamaica Observer.

He continued, “My musical style is a dancehall trap and hip hop fusion combined with melodic flows, enigmatic rhyming and word play mixed with catchy hooks.”

Gadawie has been influenced by mostly American hip hop acts, including the late Biggie Small and 2Pac as well as Lil Wayne.

Said Gadawie: “I have zero interest in maintaining the 'status quo' of dancehall. My approach is and will be as unorthodox as it can possibly get. I plan to bring simplicity with authenticity when it comes to music production. As for being an artiste, I plan to give the audience the authentic version of my life in the form of a little shock value and theatrics and transparency without filter.”

Gadawie, whose real name is Garnet Morris, says his long-term goals include leaving an indelible mark on the music.

“I want to become one of the quintessential acts of dancehall and leave an indelible mark. I also would like to have a full established record label of my own, signing and producing for other young talent.”

Said Gadawie, “I'm currently in a creative mind space where I'm just trying to be the best version of me as an artiste that I possibly can by owning and mastering my craft.”

Cryme Syndicate and Weh Yo Know are two of his current singles, of which videos have been released.

— Kevin Jackson