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Lion Order drops maiden

Friday, October 18, 2019

Philadelphi-based record label Lion Order Productions is enjoying the release of its first production, the rhythm Undefeated.

A compilation comprising seven artistes: Jahvillani, Teejay, M-Gee, Tahino, Versi, Deep Jahi, and Skilli Bangs, who have all voiced on the production is now ready.

Jahvillani's Undefeated was released three weeks ago and along with Teejay's Make That Money. The project is slated to hit all major digital media stores in coming weeks through Zojak Worldwide.

“This rhythm is Lion Order's first project and I am pleased with the feedback it has been receiving. We released the singles on YouTube for promotional use and our views have skyrocketed within just four days. It has already dominated most of the hot parties in New York and Philly. I am thankful for the support of my team and listeners worldwide who are helping to make this project a success,” said Leon Jones, CEO of Lion Order Productions.

With the feedback the rhythm has been getting, Lion Order Productions has decided to embark on an islandwide promotional run in a bid to further cement its name on the reggae and dancehall scene.

Already in the lab mixing projects for 2020, Lion Order Productions is insistent that it will be a top-tier production company in a few years.

With many of dancehall's most promising young entertainers, the label believes they may have another hit rhythm on their hands.

The label is also gearing up to sign an artiste for 2020 in a bid to help an artiste reach his/her full potential as an entertainer.