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On Sound Mynd makes waves

Friday, September 18, 2020

ON-THE-RISE deejay On Sound Mynd says his main objective is to be recognised internationally. The dancehall artiste is currently making waves with the song Funny How .

Funny How was produced by Junior Bloodline Music. It speaks about a relationship gone wrong. On Sound Mynd shared how he got into music.

“I started doing music from I was about 12. I have an older cousin who worked on a sound system and then he began doing some recordings on his computer. He build a small studio and started to voice artistes and I did the engineer work,” On Sound Mynd recalled.

He continued, “The journey has been an exciting one. I always loved music and it's the only thing that I could relate to and fully understand.”

Born in Spanish Town, he grew up in Boys Content, Old Harbour. He attended Old Harbour High and later the Portmore Community College.

“I wanted to become an architect. I had a cousin who was into that kind of work and then he dropped out. I started to pree music fully after that,” said On Sound Mynd.

His parents, and in particular his mother, has been supportive of his musical pursuits.

“My mother is my biggest inspiration. She has always been supportive of what I do from day one, so my aim is to give her the best life. Growing up was kinda rough and we never had it easy,” he recalled.

He is banking on his creativity to make a difference in music.

“Me a bring a total different style, a type of music that's fresh and what's gonna rock the world,” he assured.

On Sound Mynd (given name Delmar Brown) is 28 years old. Among the producers he has been working with are Anju Blaxx, Frankie Music and Seanizzle.

Lesson Learn and I Know are some of his follow-up singles.

— Kevin Jackson