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Raine Seville keeps busy

Friday, September 25, 2020

Though the novel coronavirus has put the brakes on the entertainment industry, singjay Raine Seville says it is important for artistes to keep busy — which is what she did as the pandemic surged.

In recent weeks, she has released the songs, Want it Ruff, Community and Money a mi Best Friend.

“There's less money being made right now due to no shows/gigs, no appearance bookings, no paid dubs because money tight for most people. However, [I am] utilising the time to create and promote so when things do go back to normal substantial material will be out there,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

Want it Ruff is a raunchy track produced by Ireland Records. According to Raine Seville, “The market somewhat demands mainly explicit songs, especially if the artiste has heavy sex appeal. They tend to get quicker traction.”

Community is produced by RDX, while Money a mi Best Friend is a MBR production.

Known for songs like Bend Over and Climax, Raine Seville (real name Loraine Seville) has been recording since 2010. This year has been the most challenging of her career.

“It's an extremely chaotic year with COVID throwing almost everything off track. The entertainment industry has suffered a lot so I used the downtime to put in a lot of recordings, promote the recordingds and shoot a few videos for some of the recordings,” she said.

— Howard Campbell