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Rushawn tackles domestic violence

Observer Writer

Friday, February 14, 2020

With incidents of domestic violence on the rise in Jamaica, deejay Rushawn decided enough was enough. He has released the song Nothing to Smile About, which calls for an end to bloodshed in relationships.

“I have never experienced domestic violence nor do I know anyone who has been through it. However, I have seen a lot happening in Jamaica through di news an' social media. It's sad that persons have to resort to drastic measures but I hope dat this song can inspire persons to desist from resorting to violence in relationships,” said Rushawn.

Nothing to Smile About was released one week ago. It is co-produced by CJ the Chemist Records and Mishnagi Entertainment.

“Since we dropped the song, di response has been very good. I am happy it has been reaching a lot of ears,” he said.

Twenty-one-year-old Rushawn grew up in Nannyville, east Kingston and attended Vauxhall High School.

“I'd like to achieve a lot in music. I want to inspire, bring positive messages an' have my music known by people all across di world,” he shared.

Rushawn made his recording debut in June last year with the song Winterfresh. He has since recorded singles for Country Ripe Music, Gas Boss Entertainment, Deadline Records, and Homeboy Records.

“All I can do is positive music and encourage di youths dat positivity is di way out. I want to always send out positive vibrations in music,” he said.